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Issue 148 - Tuesday, 17th May 2016 - Bucket Back

I installed Civ 5 on my computer and forgot I had to do this, so sorry this is late, but I can't promise the same won't happen tomorrow. It's like year 12 all over again!


Twitter might exclude images and links from the character limit
There are some sordid and filthy rumours circulating that Twitter might exclude images and links from its 140 character limit. All good I say. Bit stupid to have links and images sucking up all those precious characters. It should have been implemented like 2 or 3 years ago to be honest.

Tesla are expanding their factory using cheap labour on dodgy visas
This is a rather sad expose on how Tesla is using a contractor (Eisenmann) who subcontracts (ISM Vuzem) its trades out Eastern European workers on dodgy visas, to expand its California factory. Tesla has commented on the issue, but Eisenmann and ISM Vuzem haven't said a thing yet.

Tim Cook tours China and India to show us Apple's still great
Tim Cook is in China hanging out with his new Didi Chuxing buddies and a large group of assorted Chinese app developers. After that he went to India for some photo ops and "discussions" with the Indian Prime Minister, again. Timmy's just showing Wall Street that there's still plenty of growth for Apple and that there's nothing to worry about.

Google's new social sharing, kinda like a forum app, Spaces
Google has dopped a new social sharing app thing called Spaces. It's kinda like a group chat client thing, mixed with a forum of sorts. It would actually kinda work well for The Sizzle - but I can't charge you money for access, so fuck that.

TechSydney - a lobby group for Sydney startups
Atlassian, Tyro, Canva, Airbnb, Prospa, LinkedIn, Airtree Ventures, Reinventure, Blackbird Ventures, Uber and up to 30 other startupy type hucksters have formed a group called TechSydney that aims to "bolster Sydney's tech credentials". They hope that "By working together, we will drive the initiatives that will turn Sydney into a world class, top 10 hub for technology companies." - basically they've made a lobby group. I hope they start donating wads of cash to political parties, because that's the only way you'll get shit done in this country.


Church of England pimps out its rural churches as wireless internet base stations
The Church of England has decided to get in to the wireless ISP game by utilising its numerous rural church spires and towers - which happen to be the perfect spot in many small towns for a base station. Sweet idea I reckon, don't think it'll work in Australia though. We don't have as many tall churches in the middle of nowhere.

Anandtech says iPhone SE is good
Anandtech have reviewed the iPhone SE - it is very good if you like the 4" phones. Same camera as the 6s, same performance as the 6s, excellent screen quality and solid battery. Who needs 3D touch anyways?

Archiving a website onto a nickel disc that'll last thousands of years has decided to archive its website onto a 2" nickel disc with microscopic etchings of all the images and text, so that in thousands of year, all society will need to do is whip out a microscope and they'll be able to read the content.

Here endeth the sizzle (until tomorrow and hopefully on time!)

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