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Issue 152 - Monday, 23rd May 2016 - Of Course I Like Cheese

I'm on holiday this week, so instead of no Sizzle at all, I'm writing a cut down Sizzle in the morning. Normal sized Sizzle will resume on the 30th of May!


EU thinking about enforcing a locally made content quota on Netflix and Amazon
The EU is looking to make online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon create locally developed content. Like how in Australia we have minimum locally made content quotas for the TV broadcasters, the EU (mainly the French) want to make sure these new Internet players are bound by the same laws as their terrestrial broadcasting brethren. Just another example of the Internet eventually having to play by the same rules as everyone else.

Dean Kamen is now working with Toyota to perfect his iBot wheelchair
Remember Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway? He's quite an impressive inventor of all kinds of stuff, the Segway was defiantly not his only product. Now he's teamed up with Toyota to make super wheelchairs for the disabled - a follow up from his pre-Segway invention, the iBot.

1400 ATMs in Japan were simultaneously used to withdraw over a billion yen using fake credit cards
Around 100 people were involved in stealing 1.4 billion yen from 1400 ATMs across Japan in a 2 hour period last month. The "attackers" used fake credit cards issued by a South African bank. Pretty cool how they were able to find an exploit in a system and simultaneously drain money out of the bank. It's even happened before in New York, where US$45m was taken.


Don't show Google this video, they might think it's an instruction manual, not a warning
This 5 minute video seems like a harbinger for our short to medium term future. A virtual reality augmented hell world where everything is overlaid with graphics, ads and shitty games. Oh, and a shitty job running errands for credits where you get your hand sliced so someone can steal your DNA. I can't wait for the future!

Here endeth the sizzle (until tomorrow!)

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