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Issue 162 - Monday, 6th June 2016 - They're Gourmet Flames


Tony Fadell (insert bird related analogy) leaves Nest
Tony Fadell has left Nest. The company he started after making his name at Apple as the Senior VP of the iPod division. He's posted on the Nest website about his departure and how wonderful everyone at Nest is and how everything was amazing and perfect and its time for him to move on because "the time is right". Really, though, it's because he's a bastard nobody liked to work with and Google had enough of his shit, combined with a lack of results after massive investment.

Jacob Appelbaum leaves Tor due to sexual harassment claims against him
Speaking of bastards, it seems like Jacob Appelbaum - a very public infosec dude - is one too. He's left his role at the Tor project due to several sexual harassment allegations. Since that announcement, Nick Farr has given us his view of Jacob's creepy actions at the Chaos Communications Congress a few years ago. Doesn't look good, hey?

Guvera, a masterclass on turd polishing
A different type of bastards are trying to rip off investors by wanting to list the dud music streaming service, Guvera, on the ASX. Despite the severe lack of revenue now and in the future, they're planning to raise $100m via an IPO, which would value Guvera at $1.3b! The ATO is concerned, as are Guvera's creditors. Atlassian co-founder, Mike Cannon-Brookes said he's seen the prospectus, listened to their pitch and reckons its dodgy and the ASX shouldn't let the IPO happen. Smells to me like another DSE style shitshow is about to happen.

AWS's Sydney region shits the bed taking random apps and websites with it
If you've noticed a bunch of Australian websites or apps acting weirdly over the weekend, it was because the Australian region on Amazon Web Services suffered a major outage thanks to the storms in Sydney. Heaps of stuff runs off the back of AWS and those who didn't want to pay or develop proper redundancy in their apps (come on dudes, that's the whole point of cloud shit), saw their apps fail quite ungracefully.

Norway plans to ban the sale of ICE vehicles by 2025
Norway has reportedly decided to ban sales of internal combustion engine cars by 2025 - a meager 9 years from now. The Norwegians love their electric cars, with 24% of vehicles sold there powered by electricity. Even though it's not law yet, Elon Musk has voiced his approval on Twitter. Imagine if Australia could be this progressive, or even thinking about being this progressive about electric cars. Maybe even manufacturing them locally perhaps, with all our empty car factories and lithium reserves and glut of out of work engineers. Hmmm.


A 90 minute interview with Elon Musk
Related to Elon Musk - here's the entire interview he did at the Code conference. All 90 minutes of it. I enjoyed watching it on the weekend. It's fascinating to see how the mind of this guy works. The interview covers a lot about SpaceX and Tesla. I can't wait for him to be king of Mars.

How to scrounge free wi-fi at the airport
Ever had to endure a layover at an airport that doesn't have free wi-fi? Ugh. Here's a way to find the passwords for wireless networks in airport lounges. Even though you might not be able to get in to the lounge, the signal often extends out into the terminal, so you can linger around the entrance to the lounge or off to the side and leech their free (and usually fast) Internet until you can snag a local SIM or leave the airport.

Come on down to a geek trivia night in Melbourne next month
My mate (and Sizzle subscriber!) Toby has started a geek trivia night in Melbourne. It's at the Savoy Tavern (just opposite Southern Cross station) on the 21st of July at 6pm. I'll probably chuck on some pants, take a ride on the V/Line train and show up, should be a good night!

Here endeth the sizzle (until tomorrow!)

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