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Issue 176 - Monday, 27th June 2016 - Your Television Lies To You

I got sick of looking at Sportsbet's website and remembering the inhumanity animals are put through in order to feed an even more inhumane gambling industry that destroys lives daily. So I'm being a wanker and using some song names instead - check the footer of the email for a link to the song on Google Play Music if you wanna hear it.


How will the UK leaving the EU impact the tech sector?
No doubt you've heard of the UK's decision to leave the European Union. It's just been on every media channel for 3 days straight. There's obviously a tech angle to this. Bloomberg talked to some trendy startups in London and they reckon it's gonna be a massive pain in the arse to raise money. The Guardian's tech take highlights how it will be more difficult to attract European talent to come work in the UK as there could be a change to the free movement of labour. CNBC ruminates on the impact leaving the EU will have on financial tech companies, where the UK is king. Scientists in the UK are also fearful of funding for their research and projects drying up as the UK moves away from the EU.

US Customs wants to know about your online presence before you enter the US
Over in the USA, US Customs are running yet another idea up the flagpole to see if anyone salutes it. They want the power to ask you for details about your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) at the border. So that little blue slip of paper the airline staff hand you on the plane about an hour before you land in the home of the free, might have a section where you can (optionally) write in " information associated with your online presence" - would "fartingloudly", "shit_a_dick" and "FUCKMEHARDER" will reveal their Reddit profiles to US Customs?

SA government will give 10gig fibre to some areas that need it
The South Australian government knows what's good for them and their flailing economy by setting aside $4m to expand an existing fibre network to key business areas. The initiative is called Gig City and piggybacks off SABRENet, which is used universities and research labs in SA. The SA government directly references the city of Chattanooga's experiences with fibre and benefits it generated for that city as a reason for SA to do the same. The areas of: Tonsley, Technology Park, Techport, Thebarton BioScience Precinct, St Paul’s Creative Centre, the Majoran Co-working Space, Hub Adelaide, and the Stretton Centre will have sweet 10gig fibre starting around the end of 2016.

More MVNOs to get Vodafone 4G
Vodafone is bringing a few more MVNOs onboard its 4G network. Kogan and TPG have had access for a little while now, with Lebara, Macquarie Telecom, Hello Mobile, Go Talk and Pivotel Prepaid all getting access to the Vodafone LTE network very soon. Vodafone expects all the MVNOs to be hooked up by the 6th of July.

Gordon Ramsay has a smartphone game now
If you've got nothing better to do, maybe give Gordon Ramsay's new smartphone game a shot. Seeing the Kardashians make a fucking fortune out of shit games like this, Gordon thought he better cash in, record a few sweary soundbites and let the nerds and marketers do the rest. I don't know what compels people to enjoy a game like this, but I'm kinda interested in trying it out so I can learn some new insults to hurl around when I watch the Kangaroos play their next game.


Apple made some cool rainbow watch bands for gay pride participants
San Francisco had a huge gay pride parade over the weekend and Apple took part. The employees who did march were given awesome Apple Watch bands as mementos of the day. Wouldn't it be cool if Apple sold these Project Red style, where a portion of the profits went to funding pro-LGBTQI (oh god I hope I didn't miss an inital) programs around the world?

Hackers can steal your data via the sound of a computer's fans
Apply more tinfoil to your hat - a bunch of Israeli infosec researchers have managed to exfiltrate info from an air-gapped computer simply via the sounds of the computer's fans and the high pitched squeals of the CPU. You gotta get some malware on the computer first, but then that malware manipulates the CPU and fans to create a morse code like message that a smartphone nearby can listen to, decode, and save. It's slow, at 900bits/hr (yeah, nine hundred bits an hour), but passwords are only a couple of bits, at best.

EFA's 2016 election digital rights scorecard is out
Electronic Frontiers Australia has released their 2016 election scorecard, which rates political parties on their digital rights policies. The Greens, Pirate Party, Science Party and Liberal Democratic Party were given full marks for having their policies align with the EFA on encryption, mass surveillance, copyright reform and enforcement and censorship. The EFA also published the official responses from the parties, with Senator Brick With Eyes personally responding with a signed letter.

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