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Issue 190 - Friday, 15th July 2016 - It's A Hard Row To Hoe All By Yourself


Nintendo resurrects the NES for $99
Nintendo is releasing a cute little old school NES with a HDMI port that plugs into your TV and plays 30 classic games off its inbult memory. You can relive such classics from your childhood as Super Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Metroid, Mega Man 2, Pac Man and heaps of others. Shame there's no Tetris, but still, this is cool! It comes out November 10th, will cost AUD$99 and I don't think there's a better Christmas present for the nerd in your life.

Nest releases an outdoor Dropcam
Nest have finally done something with Dropcam and released an outdoor version of the popular security camera, along with a 1080p update for the current indoor Dropcam. The outdoor version is basically the Nest you all know and love, but waterproofed. It's got a magnetic disc that you can attach to a wall (Nest suggests a gutter) and a 25ft long (7.5m) cable that runs into a power outlet. The Nest Cam outoor is US$199 and should start shipping in the US in about 12 weeks. I don't know if it'll be sold in Australia, which is a shame, as it's got by far the best software for a security camera.

Administrator's report on DSE details what the hell went on there
The details on Dick Smith's collapse has come out in the administrator's report on the whole saga. It appears that DSE purchased way too much stock in the hope of obtaining rebates from the suppliers for meeting certain sales targets. The problem is, rebates are generally put on products that aren't selling well, so DSE had loads of products nobody really wanted. To make things worse, Apple, one of the key suppliers for DSE said, no more credit for you, cash up front. DSE went to the banks, got loans so it could buy Apple gear and then decided to pay back older loans, with the new loans, which the origial bank didn't like. The old bank declared DSE insolvent and it was all downhill from there.

Microsoft doesn't have to hand over data to the US govt hosted on foreign servers
Microsoft won a court case declaring it doesn't have to hand over emails to the US government on servers it hosts overseas (in this case, Ireland). This sets a precedent that US law officials can't make a US company do whatever it likes. If the data they want is on a server overseas, it has to go to that country and make its courts hand over the data instead, adhering to that country's laws, not the USA's. Whilst this situation has happened before, Microsoft has been the first to challenge it in court. Thank you for having a spine Microsoft!

Google cops three EU anti-trust charges
Google is getting slapped around by the EU more than usual lately, with it creating a third charge against Google's market dominance. The latest problem the EU has with Google is its price comparison search engine. Apparently Google's price comparison feature as part of a Google search is unfair to other price comparison sites that aren't included in a Google search - hence, Google is abusing its market position in search to unfairly compete in the price comparison market too. Here's the full EU preess release. The other two problems the EU has with Google is the default inclusion of Google Search and Google Chrome in Android, and that Google doesn't allow Adsense partners to show non-Google ads on their publications.


Razer bring a clicky keyboard to the iPad Pro
Mechanical key keyboards are all the rage lately - clickity clackety keyboards that are apparently better to type on (I don't see the fuss personally). Razer, that brand you associate with sweaty neckbearded gamers with more money than taste, have announced a mechanical key keyboard case for the iPad Pro. Razer are gonna send me one to review (I didn't know I was getting one to review until after I put it in today's Sizzle) and will be chucking my 2c on this keyboard up on PC & Tech Authority in a week or two.

LINE is gonna have a big IPO but the west is kinda oblivious to it
Japanese chat app LINE is set for a huge IPO on the US and Japanese stock markets, worth over US$1.1b. This has kinda caught the west by surprise. How can a chat app in Japan known for stickers be worth so much? Techcrunch breaks down what the hell LINE is and why it actually is one of the best chat apps and has been able to monetise via stickers and merch people just can't get enough of.

UniFi and EdgeRouter guest network tutorial
You got a UniFi access point and an EdgeRouter? (like me!) Here's a nice tutorial on how to create a guest network separate to your own network with a captive portal for poeple to log in to. Not that advanced in the networking scheme of things, but kinda handy if you have people over and want to give them internet access (against Troy Hunt's advice).

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