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Issue 204 - Thursday, 4th August 2016 - When I Feel Heavy Metal


Alphabet's Project Wing gets testing approval from the White House
Get ready for Google drones, dropping stuff you ordered off the internet all over the place. The White House (I would have thought it'd be the FAA, but whatever), has given Alphabet permission to test their "Project Wing" drone delivery system - which not only includes a drone, but also a platform for low altitude drone airspace management. Like an air traffic control system, but for drones. The sooner I can get same day deliveries for stuff I order online, the better - couriers are pathetic.

1Password gets a subscription service, with web syncing and free apps
1Password now has a US$2.99/m subscription that makes the apps free on all platforms, and syncs all your data on their servers - no need to use Dropbox. You can also view 1Password via a website, great for when you're using a weird computer and need to log in to something and don't want to type your 200 character password in off the screen of your smartphone. 1Password is my favourite password manager and this just sweetens the deal. I should really get around to making all my passwords unique and lots of characters one day... If you sign up now, you get 6 months free as a "fucken hell use this thing we made" promo from AgileBits.

Tesla's Q2 2016 financials & other Tesla tidbits
Tesla announced their 2Q 2016 financials and they still haven't turned a profit (which they expected) and failed to meet their earnings target. What's more surprising is that Tesla also failed to reach their production goals. They shipped 14,370 cars last quarter, a bit off from their low-end target of 17,000. But Model 3 pre-orderers will find it reassuring that some of the equipment required to build 500,000 Model 3s a year has already been installed in Tesla's Fremont factory.

Telstra's doing some more 5G testing
Telstra is planning to launch a demo 5G wireless network in Septemeber with partner Ericsson and working with Ericsson HQ in Sweden to bring the latest stuff to Australia. They'll also be launching a larger demonstration 5G network at the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast. Telstra's always been keen to implement the latest wireless tech, unlike fixed line internet - I wonder why... *cough* Optus *cough* Vodafone *cough*

Kim Kardashian has run out of Blackberries
Bad news everyone, Kim Kardashian's Blackberry Bold has shit the bed, her stockpile has run out and she can't find any more to buy off eBay. So she's been asking people on Twitter what smartphone she should get. I can't believe anyone gives a damn, but it was on like, 70% of the "tech blogs" I read and the whole point of the Sizzle is to make sure you don't look stupid, so at least now you know this is a thing people are talking about if you're ever asked. It's actually interesting to hear her talk about social media, in this podcast with Kara Swisher.


Half-price subscription to O'Reilly Safari
For a short period of time, a yearly subscription to O'Reilly's Safari service is 50% off (~AU$270). This subscription gets you an entire year's of access to every single one of O'Reilly's fantastic selection of publications. Those books with the weird animals on the front, drawn in grayscale. Yeah, those books. I used to enjoy trawling Safari back when I was a uni student, as RMIT and Swinburne both had free access to it via the library. The sweet thing about this deal is that the US$199 price applies for life. So next year it'll be US$199, and the year after that and so on.

Look at this keyboard and mouse table designed for PC gaming on a sofa
I've never seen one of these keyboards and mousepads designed for use on your lap before. The Roccat Sofa is like one of those old school stable tables that you can use to play PC games on your couch. Anyone actually used one of these? Could be nice to play Civ 6 on from the couch rather than at my desk!

Inside (new game from the creators of Limbo) will be on PS4 in a few weeks
If you're bummed that the dude who made Limbo's newest game, Inside, is only on PC and Xbone, this will brighten your day - it's coming to PS4 on August 24th! People seem to like this game, so if you liked Limbo, you should certainly check it out.

Here endeth the sizzle (until tomorrow!)

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