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Issue 238 - Wednesday, 21st September 2016 - Samples This Song From Washington State


macOS Sierra is out
macOS Sierra is out for everyone to download and install. MacStories and Arstechnica have long reviews on the new OS. If you can't be arsed reading those, The Wirecutter has a nice summary of what's new. If you can't even be bothered to read that, here's the very short version: Photos has better automatic sorting, Siri is now on the Mac, Apple Pay works in Safari and your Apple Watch and iPhone automagically all do stuff with the Mac. I wish there were some nice new Macs to go with this nice new OS.

UK guys telling kids to gamble on FIFA 16 games runs foul of the law
Remember that bullshit with CS:Go and the way they used in-game purchases to fund gambling and YouTubers influential with the kids were pushing it on their audiences by lying about how fun and awesome gambling is? Same scam is happening with FIFA 16. FIFA apparently has in-game coins now (wtf) that some blokes on YouTube were using to bet on the outcome of games. The UK Gambling Commission aren't chumps, realised this is unlawful gambling and promoting gambling to minors and the YouTubers NepentheZ and FUTgalaxy have been charged.

eWaste recycling is stuffed
All the old computer stuff you think might be recycled then disposed of carefully, seems to just be chucked in a boat, sent to Hong Kong, sorted out into stuff remotely valuable and garbage, with the valuable stuff resold and the garbage placed on another boat to a third world country where it gets thrown into a hole and poisons the entire community. According to the Basel Action Network's latest study, 40% of the "recyclers" it tested in the USA, don't actually recycle much at all.

People were able to remotely control a Model S via its web browser
A bunch of security researchers from Tencent managed to remotely control a Tesla Model S. IF you don't know, the Model S has a built in cellular modem that it uses to phone home with diagnostic data, retrieve maps, updates and other info. These researchers were able to use that and via a flaw in the car's built in web browser (yeah, it's got a web browser) and remotely activate the car's brakes. Tesla have patched it and the explicit details of the attack haven't been made public.

More camera stuff from Photokina
Photokina is still going on and the announcements are still coming. They're less interesting than the first day's, but still interesting none the less. Sandisk/WD showed off a prototype 1TB SD card. Polaroid's brand has been exhumed once again for a digital camera than can print pictures. Someone made a xenon flash for the an iPhone. Rode have a new directional mic you can slap in to a smartphone (which is made in Australia). I missed it yesterday, but Olympus has some new gear too, including an entry level mirrorless, the PEN E-PL8 and a flagship camera, the E-M1 Mk2, as well as new lenses. Yes I know all the links are from DP Review, but they do such a good job covering camera news.


iPhone 7 stock finder
Having trouble finding the iPhone 7 you want from an Apple store? Sick of refreshing the Apple Store reservations page? iStockNow will help you search for your desired iPhone 7, by scraping the Apple website and applying various filters. There are no black iPhone 7 Plus units, in any storage capacity, anywhere in Australia. There's no 7 Plus iPhones at all in Melbourne right now. Bummer.

A review of the UK’s National Museum of Computing
I've been lucky enough to visit the National Museum of Computing out in Bletchley Park in the UK and loved it. Hackaday has a great review of the museum, which is often overshadowed by the exploits of Alan Turing and his code breaking machine. But in what looks like an old school building on the side, is a treasure trove of old computers and nerds lovingly restoring them. If you're ever in London and want a day out, catch the train to Bletchley and reminisce about all the old computers.

Get a Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro Special Edition for just $210
Ozbargain has dug up a sweet deal on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro "Special Edition", which includes support for LTE band 28 (commonly used in AU, not on the CN phones). Some shop on AliExpress is selling em for AU$210 delivered. There's a good thread on Whirlpool about ROMs and shit for this phone. I have one and it's fantastic bang for buck. Sure, it's no iPhone, but for $210 it's amazing. If you need a cheap plan for the phone and you're a student, Telstra will give you $10/m off most plans if you're a UNiDAYS member.

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