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Issue 267 - Thursday, 3rd November 2016 - I'm Intercontinental When I Eat French Toast


Microsoft introduces a Slack clone called Teams into Office
Microsoft has released Teams, a Slack clone that's built in to Office 365. It looks good and integrates into Office and large companies will probably like it over Slack because it's Microsoft and part of Office. Did I mention it's part of Office? Slack are obviously shitting bricks that their golden egg laying goose may be cooked and decided to take out a full page ad on the back of the New York Times, with an open letter to Microsoft whinging about how Microsoft need to make their apps with love and details and shit like that.

LastPass has multi-device syncing for free now
Multi-device access on LastPass is now free. You used to have to buy a premium subscription (which cost fuck all, but still) if you wanted to sync more than a single device to your LastPass database, but not anymore. The premium subscription is still there for US$1/m and still gives you benefits like removing ads (yeah there's ads in the free version) and YubiKey support. With the free account being pretty damn useful on its own, there's really no excuse not to be using a password manager.

UK hospital closed for a day because of malware
A hospital in the UK was pretty much closed for a day by a "computer virus", which resulted in almost every planned surgery, outpatient clinic appointment and diagnostic procedure being canceled. Even emergency patients were re-directed to another hospital while the computer stuff was sorted out. The hospital hasn't said exactly what went wrong, but it's likely our old friend cryptolocker. It's only a matter of time until a cryptolocker hits a hospital and someone dies because of the chaos it creates.

Facebook made a platform for casual gaming like Steam
Facebook has announced Gamesroom, which looks like Steam for casual games. It runs on Windows and is full of, what looks like, shitty spam games that make you grind for rewards or ideally, buy them with real cash using in-app purchases. I don't know how anyone has any fun playing these style games, but whatever floats your boat. Maybe it'll be used as a platform for Oculus games eventually?

Foxtel is an NBN ISP now and its plans unsurprisingly suck
Foxtel is now in the business of selling NBN services, but it sucks and don't bother. For a 100/40 unlimited plan, it's $110 *on top* of any existing Foxtel account you might have. May as well stick with the plethora of ISPs offering the same thing for $90-$100-ish. Why would I bother getting Foxtel NBN when there's no discount for bundling it up with TV subscription plan? Dickheads.


Apple Watch band with two cameras and a battery in it
Someone has decided the Apple Watch needs a camera and is launching a band for it that has two cameras installed. The band also has a battery built in to offset the extra power usage a camera would use. Seems to me like the best use for this is to spy on people. I mean, that's what I'd use it for, I dunno about you. Those cameras are gonna look like rat shit too, aren't they? It'll cost US$249 (or pre-order now for US$149) but won't be shipping for a year. Hmm.

Sega is making a new Daytona USA arcade machine
I figure most people reading this newsletter have fond memories of playing Daytona USA down at the arcade or the cinema with their friends. Shit, you still can at most cinemas I reckon - the machines keep on going! Sega has realised this and decided to capitalise on Daytona's legacy and make new versions of the arcade machines. Details on this new one will be out in a few weeks.

Gather the crowd, shout it aloud, Creative Cloud
Adobe Max is to creative nerds what WWDC is to Apple developer nerds and this bloke giving a presentation really wants people to express their love to Adobe Creative Cloud. Cringeworthy doesn't seem like an accurate enough description, but I can't think of anything else.

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