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Issue 283 - Friday, 25th November 2016 - I'm An Uncooked Slab Of Beef Laying On Your Kitchen Floor


Reports into why the 2016 census bombed are now public
Two reports into the disastrous 2016 census dropped yesterday. One from the Senate committee looking into it and another from "Prime Minister’s special adviser on cyber security", Alastair MacGibbon. The reports blame IBM and its subcontractors for being shithouse and taking government contracts for granted, but also blames the government for failing to fund the ABS properly for years so they could prepare for the census properly. Everyone sucked equally!

Ministers and senior public servants to go on a cyber bootcamp
One good thing out of the census report is that it recommends all Australian government ministers and senior public servants will be sent to a "cyber bootcamp" to gain a microbe of knowledge about how the internet works and what's at risk if you fuck things up to do with the internet. Imagine having to be the person tasked with teaching idiots like Barnaby Joyce, Peter Dutton or that shitcunt from One Nation who thinks global warming is a hoax. Farken hell.

Toyota HQ talking up an electric car, whilst Toyota Australia decides hydrogen is cool
Toyota seems to have realised electric cars are a thing and to stop fucking around with hydrogen fuel. A few weeks ago it announced it'll develop an electric car by 2020. Then it said it's just chucked 4 people on the project (which may not be a bad thing, if you subscribe to the skunkworks theory of development). Now it's proudly claiming a "battery breakthrough" that gives "15% greater range", which sounds good, but 15% greater than what? Meanwhile, Toyota Australia has decided to import the Mirai in an attempt to sell hydrogen cars here, lol *sad trombone*

Reddit's CEO got caught trolling trolls
Steve Huffman, Reddit's CEO, has admitted to editing a handful of posts in the Donald Trump subreddit that were bagging him. Every time someone said "fuck u/spez" (spez is the CEO's Reddit name), he'd change the post to say "fuck r/the_donald". Apparently this happened in the wake of pizzagate (wtf is pizzagate) and he just had enough of people being mean to him on the internet. Internet drama is great.

NPR tracked down and talked to a fake news publisher
NPR tracked down one of the leading fake news peddlers, Jestin Coler. He runs a bunch of shit sites with made up news that people think is real. NPR asked him why he does this, and he said it's just to show how stupid and gullible right wingers are, as he reckons, left wing people just don't eat up his fake news. Oh, and a bit of dick waving at how easy it is to spread fake news.


Loads of Black Friday bargains
Because it's Thanksgiving in the US, Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming up soon too - even Australian stores have joined in the fun. Of course, OzBargain is having a field day, so here's the best tech-related stuff I've found on OzBargain today.

Deals for digital software & game downloads:

Stuff that's shipped from overseas:

Local store offers:

eBay has a 10% off site wide coupon at the moment. Here's some good stuff to use it on (i.e: stuff that isn't already jacked up in price versus buying it elsewhere):

If you spot any sweet deals you reckon other Sizzle readers would like, post it on the forum yeah?

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