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Issue 288 - Friday, 2nd December 2016 - Coastline For Fence

Have some shit going on today and didn't plan ahead properly so all you get is a watered down Sizzle. I know it sucks, but you aren't missing out on much - there was fuck all important news anyways. See ya next week!


Motorola decides to take a break from smartwatches
Motorola is taking a break from the smartwatch game. The head of global product development at Moto said that they've got no plans for a new smartwatch any time soon and not just because Android Wear 2.0 is a while away from release. According to him, there's just not enough "pull in the market" to justify new models. To me, this means, reading between the lines, that nobody really wants a smartwatch.

Twitter hires a head of product development that doesn't use Twitter
Twitter hired a new head of product development. Cool. That person only has 143 tweets. Hmm. You'd think the person in charge of making Twitter better would be more into Twitter than less than a tweet a day a year. Let's give Keith Coleman, the CEO of some unknown startup, the benefit of the doubt - maybe his untainted eyes will bring fresh perspective to Twitter *stifles back laughter*, no really, let's give the guy a chance, ok?

Plex announces a Kodi plugin and more info on Plex Cloud
Plex has announced a plugin for Kodi. Now you can have all your pirate streaming services and weird ethnic video streams alongside your curated media collection. A match made in piracy heaven. Plex Media Play is now free too, no Plex Pass required. Plex also announced it'll support Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive cloud services in addition to Amazon Cloud for its still in beta cloud-sync service. They'll be throwing out more invites to the cloud service starting next week.


Logitech MX Master mouse is the cheapest it's ever been
The Logitech MX Master mouse is only $77 at Good Guys. I have one, it's fucken spectacular. Get on it mates, treat your mousing hand to some comfort and multiple buttons. If you're actually using an Apple Mouse instead of this, God help you, buy the MX Master immediately.

Here endeth the sizzle (until Monday!)

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