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Issue 298 - Friday, 16th December 2016 - Father Forgive Me, I Tried Not To Do It


Australian ISPs have to block some torrent sites now
That law Village Roadshow and Foxtel pretty much threw money at the Liberal party to legislate, has kinda paid off. They "won" a Federal Court battle requiring Telstra, Optus, TPG and M2 to block five torrent sites - The Pirate Bay, Torrentz, TorrentHound, IsoHunt, and SolarMovie. How they're blocked is up to the ISPs, but it's gotta be done in 15 days. Also, the costs of blocking these five sites will be paid for by the rights holders - a grand sum of $50, hah. Foxtel and Village failed to convince the court that they should be able to ask the ISPs to block stuff without going to court though - so I don't think we will see many more sites blocked if they have to keep going to a judge and a trial and all that expensive bullshit for each website they want knocked offline.

Evernote isn't encrypted so if you have shit you don't want exposed, stop using it
Evernote have a new privacy policy that'll take effect in January 2017. Usually these skate on past with an "I Agree", but Evernote's new policy says that Evernote employees might look at your stuff. They may peek at your words so they can be sure nobody is writing about kiddie porn or is sending spam or that they get a court order forcing them to hand over stuff. But this also means what you wrote isn't encrypted and if someone was to hack Evernote, they'd be able to grab all the contents of users notes. Not just hackers, but cops and government too. So if you wanna keep your writing private, ditch Evernote.

Super Mario Run is now live on the iPhone App Store
Super Mario Run is now out on iPhone. Yep, hell froze over and Nintendo released a game on the iPhone. There's a free demo, but if you want the entire game, it's $11.99. If you've already set up a Nintendo account, you can log in to Super Mario Run with it and use your Mii avatar thingo in it, hah. The Vooks page I've linked to has a bunch of game play videos if you wanna see what the go is before installing it. People are bit shitty it needs constant internet access to play though - apparently this is to combat piracy.


Say hello to 802.11ad
There's a handful of wi-fi routers out now supporting 802.11ad, a new way to shift data around that theoretically supports 4.6 gigits per second. Arstechnica explains what 802.11ad is good for (room scale network access) and test how fast it is in the real world (very fast, but nowhere near the 4.6 gbit/sec). Even after reading the article and knowing the technical limitations of 802.11ad, I still don't really appreciate what 802.11ad can be practically used for at home, but, I guess it's nice it exists? It could technically be used for a wireless monitor sort of setup, but wouldn't the latency suck on it for anything besides streaming video?

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