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Issue 302 - Thursday, 22nd December 2016 - Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and Staten


Nokia sues Apple, Apple calls Nokia a patent troll
Negotiations between Apple and Nokia around the licensing of patents for the iPhone have collapsed, with Nokia filing lawsuits in American and German courts saying that Apple is now violating its patents. Apple, in response, has straight up called Nokia a patent troll and thinks its trying to extort money from Apple. For what it's worth, 40% of Nokia's income is via patent licensing these days. This'll get spicy.

Uber stops driving its robocars around San Francisco
California's DMV canceled the rego of Uber's robocars, because Uber refused to get a proper permit to test them on Cali roads. Now Uber said it'll just do its testing elsewhere. What's wrong with these arseholes? Would it have fucking killed them to apply for a permit? They got permits in other states. Dickheads. Is it because Californian law makes them reveal in public any incidents (some other states don't) and Uber doesn't want anything public that it doesn't have to?

40m people downloaded Super Mario Run, many upset you gotta pay to play it
Nintendo has released some stats on Super Mario Run's launch - one of the most anticipated games of the year. About 40 million people downloaded it, which apparently breaks the record for the App Store, beating Pokemon Go from earlier this year. Neither Apple nor Nintendo actually say how many people decided to pay the AU$14.99 for this new incarnation of Mario. The stock market decided to sell off Nintendo stock in response and due to negative reviews, with the game only receiving 2.5/5. The majority of complaints, unfortunately, are about the fact the game costs money beyond the three free levels. Anyone who complains about paying $15 for a nice new Mario game are ratbags, the lot of em.


Ballarat and the Western Bulldogs are hosting a hackathon
The City of Ballarat, an excellent town when you forget about the whole Catholic priests raping people stuff and the Western Bulldogs, who I will admit, a better football team than the North Melbourne Kangaroos, are having a hackathon. Data from Ballarat and data from the doggies will be made available to participants to do, stuff with, I guess. There's no theme really. Just, here's some data from the footy club and the city, so have at it nerds. They said there will be more info in January. The actual hackathon is going down late Feb. I'll let youse know aye.

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