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Issue 303 - Friday, 23rd December 2016 - A Fat Red Pimp Got Out Of His Ride

The Sizzle is now going into hibernation over the holidays. The next issue will be on the 30th of December. Daily emails will return on the 6th of Jan. Take it easy everyone!


Canada mandates 50mbit internet for everyone
Canada's equivalent of ACMA has said that everyone in Canada should have the option of a 50mbit/10mbit internet service with no data caps. 2 million Canadian homes don't have access to internet that fast and that, is a national shame. To lift the internet speeds of Canadians, telcos operating there will be taxed 0.53% of their revenue and that money placed into a fund to build infrastructure in the remote communities that currently have shithouse internet. Meanwhile, NBN reckons 25mbit is sweet.

RollerCoater Tycoon on iOS & Pokemon Go on Apple Watch
Gaming news for the holidays: The classic RollerCoaster Tycoon is now on iOS. Costs money (no biggie) and there's even the original expansion packs available as in app purchases. The creation of the iOS version was overseen by Chris Sawyer, the king of isometric view simulation games! Playing this on a 12" iPad Pro would be great I reckon. Pokemon Go now has support for the Apple Watch, so you can roam around looking for Pokemon and just use your watch to receive notifications of nearby monsters to capture for your inhumane and cruel virtual zoo.

1km of solar road opens in France
A village in France has opened the first "solar road". Tourouvre-au-Perche has covered 1km of a road in solar panels, and cars can drive on it. The French ecology minister (yeah they have an ecology minister) wants to see solar panels installed on more French highways. Sounds awesome yeah? Just chuck some solar panels on land we're not really using and boom, electricity! Unfortunately, it's bullshit. EEVblog has recorded many, different, videos, about, how, they, suck. There's more in this Twitter moment if you're interested.


Theory: Amazon Go is Amazon making AWS for physical retail
Here's an interesting video about how Amazon's demo of a no-cashier convenience store in Seattle is just the first step in creating what is essentially Amazon Web Services, but for shops. The theory is, supermarkets aren't tech companies and totally don't have the ability to create what Amazon has. Once the population realises what Amazon has done with their shop is cool, the supermarkets, unable to compete, will pay Amazon to use their physical retail shopping platform - just like tech companies do with AWS.

Here endeth the sizzle (until the 30th of December!)

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