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Issue 338 - Thursday, 23rd February 2017

Today's issue a little lighter than usual because I'm at the Playgrounds conference. Same thing will happen tomorrow too. Back to normal on Monday. It's also quite uncomfortable typing on my lap, so if this issue sucks more than normal, let's blame that.


Tesla reveals more about its future plans for taking over the world
Tesla released it's much awaited earnings report for 2016 today. Revenue up, but profits down. Not much to see there. The big news though (and as usual for Telsa) is what it'll do in the future. What are they doing? Building massive fuck off huge factories. We knew about the Gigafactory in Nevada and even the 2nd Gigafactory in upstate New York. What's new are plans for Gigafactory 3, 4 and 5. Five Gigafactories! We don't know what they'll build, or where they'll be, but they're making a shitload of something. Also announced is the availability of their fancy solar roof tiles (later this year) and the Model 3 (first ones in July, 5000/week by the end of 2017). You can listen to the entire earnings report and read it's letter to shareholders if you'd like to know more about what Tesla's up to.

AMD confirms release date of Ryzen CPUs
AMD's last ditch attempt to remain solvent in the CPU making businesses has an official release date - March 2nd. The flagship Ryzen 7 family of CPUs will be out first, with the Ryzen 3 and 5 out later, AMD didn't say when. The top of the line chip is the Ryzen 7 1800X - 8 cores, a 4Ghz clock speed and will cost US$499. In the Cinebench 15 results AMD let loose, it handily beats Intel's previous consumer flagship, the i7-6900K and costs 50% less. AMD is back baby! *wolf howl* CPUs are good again! There's a video on YouTube of the entire product launch.

Microsoft will give Windows 10 another update later in the year
We know that Microsoft will be releasing the large Creators Update to Windows 10 some time in April, but what's happening after that for Windows 10? At the Ignite conference recently, Microsoft said that there will be a 2nd big-ish update to Windows 10 by the end of the year. The codename is Redstone 3, but that's all we know. It may have parts of Project Neon in it - Microsoft's revamp of the Windows 10 UI (which I think looks pretty good, maybe even too good to be true). But yeah, all you need to know is that there'll be another big update of Windows 10 later this year. Cool.


Apple Park to open in April (aka their new spaceship campus)
Apple's new fancy spaceship campus in Cupertino is almost done. The company announced their plans to start moving in April. It'll be called "Apple Park" (not spaceship or UFO or Apple Campus 2) and will have a Steve Jobs Theater, where Apple will host future product launches. Of course, the joint looks amazing. What's interesting for us plebs is that there will be a visitor's center with a cafe and an Apple Store. That's cool, next time I'm in San Francisco (like I'm there alllll the time, I've only been once), I'd take the time to check it out and have something to eat there. You'd need to befriend an employee to get a tour I assume.

Here endeth the sizzle (until tomorrow!)

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