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Issue 350 - Monday, 13th March 2017

It would betray my comrades to actually work on this, the day of Labour, but there are some sweet bargains around thanks to an eBay sale that gives ya 20% off tech items. I was going over the sale for my own shopping needs anyways, so what's the harm in sharing it with my friends? Enjoy these bargains until the Sizzle returns in all its glory tomorrow arvo.


Make sure you use the code CYBER on all these deals to get 20% off! The sale ends 22nd of March, but stock may run out before then.

Crucial MX300 525GB 2.5" SSD - $159.20 shipped. Crucial make an excellent SSD and this is the cheapest one around for a 500gb-ish capacity, including shipping.

Sony KD49X8000D 49" TV for $999.20 shipped. 4K, supports the various HDR options and runs Android TV, which is nice. Bit on the small side for me at 49" but some of you live in tiny houses where a 75" TV just won't fit. I feel sorry for you.

If you've got a beefy PC and want to try out some VR stuff, the HTC Vive is $1191.20 delivered. I tried one of these out a few months ago and fell over. Everyone had a good laugh. It's a lot of fun! Just make sure you've got a fast computer. Maybe this GTX1080 for $752 delivered will come in handy.

People are really loving these Sony MDR-1000X noise canceling headphones. Some people reckon they're better than the Bose QC35. Either way, both of them are on sale. The Sony is $474 shipped and the Bose are $367. Don't ask me which one to get as I haven't heard the Sony cans. The Bose are nice and won't let ya down though.

Heaps of you want a CarPlay or Android Auto unit for ya car, but they're not cheap. Now's your chance to get one that's still expensive, I reckon, but the cheapest one around at the moment with good reviews. The Pioneer AVH-X8850BT is $595 delivered. I would love a CarPlay unit. Maybe I'll buy this. There's also the Sony XAV-AX100 for $588, but it hasn't got a CD player, which bothers some people.

The very same chair I am sitting on now is $199.20 delivered from Staples. Handles my fat arse with ease. Very recommended if you need a new computer chair.

Dell XPS 13 and XPS 15 laptops pretty cheap from Dell direct. They're the nice 1080p screen models (4K scaling in Windows blows and the screen eats battery life). The 13" is $1440 and the 15" is $1840. The great thing about these machines is that you can upgrade the RAM & SSD yourself if you want more capacity later down the track. The GTX1050 in the XPS 15 will play Civ6 fine by the way.

Need some more microSD cards? The Samsung Evo+ are cheap from Futu Online. 64GB for $33.60 and 128GB for $57.60. Perfect for ya dashcam or security camera or Raspberry Pi or whatever.

My favourite NAS, the Synology DS916+ is just $639 delivered. Runs Plex, will handle any apps ya throw at it because it's an Intel CPU based one (not ARM). If you need more drive bays, the DS1815+ has 8 slots for heaps of drives and is only $1008.

Need some HDDs for that NAS? Seagate 8TB Iron Wolf units are $398 delivered. Excellent bang for buck capacity wise. Four of these in a Synology NAS would get you 21.8TB of usable space. More than enough to store your filthy porn collection, ya pervert.

The Nikon D3200 is an awesome little DSLR that at $270 (no lens) is a straight up bargain. Sure, it's refurbished, but who gives a shit? It'll work fine and has 1 year warranty. Pick up a nice lens of your choice to go with it, or use your existing lenses if ya got some. The slightly more modern D3400 is worth the extra bucks if you want to hook your phone up to the camera without losing your internet connection because it uses Bluetooth and doesn't suck. It's $480+$10 postage with an 18-55 lens.

Grays Online has a bunch of audio stuff on sale. The much fancied Pioneer BS22LR bookshelf speakers for just $263 delivered. Grab a nice class-T amplifier like the Topping TP30 MKII for $115 to go with it (not on sale, but I thought I'd mention it anyways)

If ya need a new wi-fi router, the TP-Link Archer C7 (Wirecutter's recommended unit right now) is $139.20 delivered. Good value.

I picked up this Belkin iPhone dock for $20 delivered. My iPhone needed a home. Comes in Red or Purple. These $8 inc shipping Belkin Lightning cables are the cheapest non-Apple cables I've used that haven't been shitcanned by an iOS update. Yet.

Here endeth the sizzle (until tomorrow!)

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