Issue 597

Thursday, 15th March 2018

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The SEC charges Elizabeth Holmes with massive fraud with Theranos

The CEO of Theranos, disgraced startup poster-child Elizabeth Holmes and the company's crook President, Ramesh Balwani have been charged by the SEC for "raising more than $700 million from investors through an elaborate, years-long fraud in which they exaggerated or made false statements about the company's technology, business, and financial performance" - i.e: Theranos was a load of horse shit and the startup community ate it up like a starving child. Holmes settled with the SEC ($500k fine, can't be a CEO for 10 years, handed back all her shares in Theranos and if Theranos is ever sold, any money she gets has to be paid back to defrauded investors), but Balwani and the SEC are going to court over the fraud charge. I love it when startup bullshit artists get the book thrown at em. Smug pricks. If you want to know more about the scam Theranos was pulling, read this article from Vanity Fair.

Google bans ads for anything to do with cryptocurrency

On the topic of crooks, Google has followed Facebook and Reddit's lead in banning ads for cryptocurrency. Starting in June 2018, ads for "cryptocurrencies and related content (including but not limited to initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, and cryptocurrency trading advice)" will no longer be served by Google, the world's largest advertising platform. Why are they doing this? Google says they've "seen enough consumer harm or potential for consumer harm that it's an area that we want to approach with extreme caution" (aka, someone will sue us or the government will regulate us, so lets throw them a bone)

Racist group Britain First & its leaders booted off Facebook

Facebook has removed Britain First (a shit stain bunch of poms with 2m followers & hate brown people) from their platform and deleted the accounts of the two leaders of the group at the same time. Facebook claim that posts made by Britain First "comparing Muslim immigrants to animals", declaring themselves "Islamophobic and proud" and "videos created to incite hateful comments against Muslims" do not meet their community standards, so out they go. On one hand, free speech and whatnot. On the other, Facebook can do what it wants on its platform, go spout your hateful garbage elsewhere.

ACMA finds that heaps of people have trouble getting connected to the NBN

A report by ACMA on NBN user experiences has found that "one in three households that try to switch their internet or phone services over to the NBN are left without connectivity during the process, with some waiting weeks for activation". 40% of the third that experience trouble end up waiting over a fortnight without internet access while NBN gets its sloppy act together. FTTN strikes again. The full "research snapshot" is on the ACMA website. I found it interesting that almost half of people signing up for the NBN had no idea what speed to get, half found it difficult to compare plans and 68% experienced "slow data speeds in the evening" often, or very often.

There's a new Raspberry Pi that's faster than the old one but still cheap

There's a brand new flavour of Raspberry Pi, the 3 Model B+. It's got an even faster CPU (1.4GHz vs. 1.2GHz), 802.11ac dual-band wi-fi, gigabit ethernet (still on USB 2.0, but it's heaps faster now), PoE support (if you buy the little hat that also adds a fan), improved PXE network booting and better thermal management. It sells for the same price as the old Model B (around A$50) and is on sale now at the usual outlets. Pretty nifty piece of kit I reckon. The addition of PoE and making it easier to network boot is super useful for anyone doing mass roll outs of the little computers (dashboards/information displays spring to mind).

Not News, But Still Cool

Consumer level security cams with solar panels and 4G are a thing in AU now

Totally wireless security cameras with solar panels and LTE radios in them are becoming a consumer level thing on sale in Australia now. A few days ago Reolink announced the Go, a camera 1080p security camera that can operate off a solar panel and lets you check what's happening over an LTE radio so you don't need to set up wi-fi. You can literally place this anywhere and keep an eye on things. Today, Telstra is pimping a similar thing from Netgear. I kinda wish these were a thing when I was building my house, so I could see every time I was being lied to about how work was being done, but really wasn't.

HeartMonitor is a nice app to log your pulse with an Apple Watch

Sizzle reader @zachsimone has released a nifty looking Apple Watch app to monitor your heart rate. HeartMonitor is designed, according to Zach, for "monitoring your heart rate in nervous situations, such as while giving a conference talk or presentation, in the dying moments of a football game, or while watching a horror movie". Open it up and it'll track your heart rate for the period you leave it running in the background. Really simple to use and well designed. I love no bullshit apps like this. If you own an Apple Watch, check it out on the App Store now.

Cheap Sonos, Sony 65" TV, DJI Spark Drone, Samsung S8+, 2TB mobile HDD, Razer mouse

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