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Wednesday, 24th April 2019

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Donald Trump summons Jack Dorsey to answer why his Twitter follower count has dropped

Jack Dorsey put the bong down, dusted off his suit and headed over to the White House today to chat with Donald Trump. According to the Washington Post, "a significant portion of the meeting focused on Trump’s concerns that Twitter quietly, and deliberately, has limited or removed some of his followers". The President of the USA is so concerned about his social media following that he demands the boss of the company see him in the White House. Fuck me dead.

Huawei avoids outright ban in UK 5G rollout

The UK doesn't seem to think Huawei is an as big threat to its national security as us or the USA reckons, with the UK PM taking a break from Brexit bullshit to say that Huawei "will be allowed to supply some "non-core" technology to UK phone companies". Not sure what "non-core" technology entails to be honest - Nokia's "5G Core Portfolio" looks like a buzzword soup and way over my head. I think it means Huawei radio equipment, ok, but not the central management stuff a telco uses?

French & New Zealand leaders to host forum on violent online extremism

The New Zealand PM and the French President are gonna host a global forum in Paris on May 15th to do something about "the promotion of violent extremism online". Basically they don't want a repeat of what happened in Christchurch - dickheads with guns egged on by idiots on the internet. Jacinda Ardern has already been chatting to Facebook about a pledge that tech companies can take to show they also don't want massacres to happen, or something. Good luck with that.

Security camera captures Tesla bursting into flames in China

20 people tweeted/emailed/messaged me about a Tesla Model S (looks like a pre-2016 one) that spontaneously combusted in a Shanghai underground car park. No idea what happened, but Tesla is investigating. I wonder if this dud Model S is related to the allegations Tesla whistle-blower Martin Tripp is throwing around about Tesla using faulty parts in battery packs? Elon Musk went on a Twitter rant about how it's unfair Tesla "gets biggest headlines" despite "over a million car fires a year".

Nintendo shuts down distribution of impressive Super Mario Bros port for C64

A deadset legend called ZeroPaige has been working on a port of Super Mario Bros for the Commodore 64 for almost seven years. It was released a few days ago and is very impressive. Expectedly and unfortunately, Nintendo caught wind and shut the entire thing down, filing a DMCA complaint against the Portland Commodore Club's web host, who promptly removed it. This impressive piece of art (seriously, the port is slick) lives on in "other" places, if you know where to look.

Not News, But Still Cool

Naughty person makes Brisbane Lime scooters play "offensive messages"

As a fan of social disobedience, this cracked me up - "eight Lime scooters have been yanked from Brisbane streets after "vandals" altered the audio files on the popular electric scooters to play offensive messages". Lime's PR hack in QLD said "It's not smart, it's not funny and is akin to changing a ringtone". This dude's wrong, it is funny. Dunno what the scooters said, but just like the fact it happened in the first place. Keep it cheeky Queensland!

Ubiquiti UniFi product comparison

Are you looking to improve the quality of wi-fi in your domicile or workplace, overheard excited nerds talk up Ubiquiti's UniFi gear, but are confused as to the difference between the 15 different models? Ubiquiti has put up an article comparing the entire range so you can choose what's best for you. In a home situation, the UAP-AC-Lite is all you need. Maybe consider the UAP-nanoHD if got devices that can use/need the 4x4 spatial streams (pretty rare).

Cheap 4K Apple TVs, iPhone XR, Samsung SSDs & Myer's Apple clearance continues

That's it, see ya Monday (tomorrow's ANZAC day and Josh will be slinging you some news on Friday)!

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