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NBN thinking about using mmWave 5G to enhance fixed wireless offering

According to a submission to ACMA, NBN is thinking about using mmWave 5G to enhance its fixed wireless network and is also worried the use of 5G in the 26GHz band may interfere with its satellite service. Not much more info than that, but it makes sense NBN would want to boost fixed wireless capacity as right now it's not that crash hot, with the 100mbit tier no longer available due to bandwidth constraints. It may be able to offer a steady 100/40 on fixed wireless if it used mmWave tech. If you don't know what mmWave is, feast your eyeballs on this.

Firefox ups its privacy game in latest update to browser

Firefox has launched new privacy related features in the latest version of its browser. Enhanced Tracking Protection is enabled by default now for new Firefox users and will block known 3rd party tracking cookies that follow you around the web. Another feature called Facebook Container will stop those stupid Facebook Like and Share buttons from tracking you around the web too. Firefox also has a built in password manager (it's pretty good and easy to use) and Firefox Monitor to alert you of data breaches.

YouTube doesn’t like pedos but is cool with homophobic slurs during Pride Month

YouTube has a new policy banning kids from live streaming unless there's an adult present. They hope this'll lead to fewer pedos rubbing one out to kiddies dancing around or something. YouTube is also tweaking the algorithm to stop suggesting videos of "prepubescent, partially clothed children" to anyone who's watched "sexually themed content" (what the fuck took so long??). Meanwhile, YouTube reckons "repeated homophobic slurs" directed towards a specific person doesn't violate any of its policies, whilst also celebrating Pride Month. *eye roll emoji*

Jaycar to open a flagship store with prominent maker space in Sydney

Jaycar is launching its "first flagship concept store" in Sydney's Central Park Mall. There's some pretty cool stuff inside like a Maker Hub where people can attend workshops and events, use equipment for their projects and of course buy stuff related to those projects. For the grand opening on the 14th of June, will be a "Tech Fest" with giveaways and promos, plus product demos. Jaycar have been a bit of a bastard in the past, but good luck to them with this joint.

Random WWDC 2019 stuff

Here's a roundup of smaller news items from WWDC 2019:

Software Developer – Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)

Interested in using your tech skills to fight for workers' rights? The ACTU is looking for a Software Developer to join their data team based in Melbourne. You would be working across a wide range of technologies and projects, with plenty of opportunities to build tools to help the union movement campaign and grow.

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Sizzle subscribers paying for job ads is still a thing! If you’d like to let ~700 tech savvy Aussies know about your job vacancy, drop me a line.

Not News, But Still Cool

Spotify Stations is no longer Android only, iOS users can join the fun

A year ago Spotify released Stations for Android, in Australia only and I've been enjoying it. Now it's worldwide and on iOS too. "Spotify Stations differs from the main Spotify app in that it exclusively uses playlists rather than letting you choose to play music from specific albums or artists. You pick from the available playlists using the app’s minimalist interface, or you can create your own by picking out your favorite artists from a list. Playlists also become personalized to you over time". If I can't decide what to listen to, I just chuck on Spotify Stations and let it do its thing.

Tips for writing emails people will actually read

The NYT has a handy article on how to get people to reply to your emails. The advice is very practical, like telling the truth, keeping it brief, being direct, not rolling around in jaron-bullshit style language and to try make the message personal. When I'm straining to write and not feeling it come out naturally (much like taking a shit after a big steak dinner the night before), I refer back to these points and usually push out something satisfactory out onto a page.

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