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Microsoft teases its 8K/120fps successor to the Xbox One at E3

At E3 over the weekend, Microsoft teased its successor to the Xbox One (aka Project Scarlett). It will come out in late 2020 and will be split into two versions - a high performance unit like the Xbox One X and a "mainstream" cheaper unit like the Xbox One S. The headline feature is 8K/120fps suppport (games probably won't be at that level of performance but the console can output 8K/120fps video) and a custom designed SoC based on AMD's latest Zen 2 architecture. Oh and there will be an all new Halo game to go with it on launch.

More E3 announcements that caught my eye (MS Flight Simulator, Doom Eternal, Commander Keen & Cyberpunk 2077)

Microsoft also announced an new version of Flight Simulator with satellite data and Azure cloud stuff. It looks fucken awesome. Besides Microsoft's shenanigans, Bethesda gave us another look DOOM Eternal with a 30 min gameplay vid and a new trailer. Bethesda also said they're gonna revive the Commander Keen brand as a free to play mobile game that looks nothing like the Commander Keen we knew and loved. Keanu Reeves helped CD Projekt Red release more details on last year's E3 announcement of Cyberpunk 2077 - he's gonna play one of the main characters in the game, Johnny Silverhand.

Firefox to get a premium paid subscription service in October

Mozilla's CEO let loose with a German blog that they're going to launch a paid premium membership thing for Firefox with features like a VPN and secure cloud storage. All existing features of Firefox will remain free, and the paid version won't have new features as such, just enhanced features (i.e: more/faster VPN bandwidth, more secure storage). No info on pricing, but expect more details on Mozilla's premium Firefox plans in around October.

In-Q-Tel (the CIA, FBI and NSA venture capital fund) lands in Australia

The CIA, FBI and NSA backed investment firm In-Q-Tel has opened up a Sydney office to "to reach startups and the venture capital community outside the United States and to better contribute to the national security of the US and its allies". In-Q-Tel's got $400m to splash around and has previously invested in over 178 companies. So if you've got an idea that'll ruin civil liberties, destroy any notion of privacy and kill some Arabs (the cherry on the cake), the oil that greases the wheels of the surveillance industrial complex has a bag of money for ya.

Large US Customs and Border Protection database of traveler photos leaked

A sub-contractor working with US Customs and Border Protection copied its database of traveler photos and license plate images to their network then the contractor's network was "compromised by a malicious cyber-attack". According to BuzzFeed, "traveler images were raw images only, not tied to any additional personally identifiable information" and are "restricted to land border entries and did not include any passport or visa photos, the official added". Is this bad? It sounds bad. What could someone do with a CBP database of traveler headshots and license plate numbers?

Technical Recruiter - Lookahead Search (Sydney)

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Not News, But Still Cool

An all new version of Soulver is out, get around it

If you asked me what is one Mac app that I really miss whenever I'm using my Windows computers, I'd probably say Soulver. It's so awesome to use for "back of the envelope" calculations like currency conversions, add/remove percentages and add up a list of numbers (the main stuff I do with Soulver). The reason I bring it up is because there's an all new version of Soulver available with heaps of new features like date & time math! It's on sale until the end of June for US$19.95 with a 30 day free trial.

Orico’s latest M.2 PCIe NVMe USB 3.1 Type-C external SSD enclosure is good value

Orico has a new NVMe PCIe USB 3.1 M.2 enclosure that lets you take a super fast SSD and chuck it in a little external enclosure for portable storage that's also fast as hell. The SSD Review has reviewed it and found it delivers on its promise of delivering speeds around the 1GB/sec theoretical limit of USB 3.1. Grab an enclosure off Aliexpress for $60 and pair it with your favourite M.2 PCIe SSD for way less than what it normally costs to get a similar speed external SSD (don't get fooled by external SSDs with a SATA bridge instead of PCIe).

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