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Sydney the only Australian city to join the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights

Sydney is the first Australian city to join the The Cities Coalition for Digital Rights - a group of cities that agree to not be shit regarding the digital rights of their citizens (the full list of pledges is here). Over 400 cities across Australia were asked by Digital Rights Watch to support the declaration, but only Sydney agreed to it. Darwin and Perth are actually doing the opposite, implementing facial recognition programs. Considering white Australia is a country grown from convicts (literally petty crimes punished incredibly harshly), it's disappointing to see us sucking up to such authoritarianism so willingly.

India’s space program is gonna try land on the moon in a few weeks

India has been rapidly developing its space program lately and is now preparing to land a rover on the moon - something only the USA, Russia and China have succeeded in doing. The plan for Chandrayaan-2 is to visit parts of the moon never before visited in a few weeks to "analyze crust samples for signs of water and helium-3. That isotope is limited on Earth yet so abundant on the moon that it theoretically could meet global energy demands for 250 years if harnessed". Sounds like a pretty worthwhile mission to me, good luck to everyone involved!

Huawei started displaying ads on smartphone lockscreens all of a sudden

Huawei's flagship P30 & P20 smartphones suddenly started display ads for on the lockscreen overnight. There's an app installed by default called "Magazine Unlock" that shows random pretty images on the lockscreen (but not ads) and it appears to have re-enabled itself on people's phones and started showing ads for Kinda gross that unavoidable ads are shown without permission on a $1500+ device like the P30 Pro (which I actually quite liked for the ~2 weeks I owned one).

Dropbox’s latest redesign adds too much stuff nobody asked for

Dropbox has released a totally overhauled version of their product they call "new Dropbox". It centres around "bringing your content together" and now lets you integrate Google, Microsoft, Slack, Zoom and other productivity apps into the one spot. Dropbox looks to have pivoted from simply being a useful tool to sync files across multiple computers to being an all-in-one cloud productivity app. I haven't used Dropbox for years (I get OneDrive for free with Office 365) but this looks like a goddamn mess nobody asked Dropbox for.

UK rubber stamps US extradition request for Julian Assange

The UK has approved the USA's request to extradite Julian Assange to face the music on 18 counts regarding his "alleged role in one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the United States" - i.e: the Iraq War and Afghan War Logs plus 250,000 US diplomatic cables that he received (or solicited, depending who you ask) from former US Marine Chelsea Manning. Dunno when armed guards will escort Julian across the Atlantic, but you can rest assured of the shitshow that'll go down once his trial begins in the US.

Technical Recruiter - Lookahead Search (Sydney)

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Not News, But Still Cool

Don’t forget to pay tax on your cryptocurrency

June 30 is only a few weeks away, so that means getting all your tax related shit in order - that includes any cryptocurrency you’ve got stashed away. CoinJar has a tidy little guide with what to keep in mind regarding tax & cryptocurrency. They also mention that the ATO has a forum (!?) and on that forum there’s a section specifically about cryptocurrency (!!??), so if you’ve got questions chances are someone’s already asked it and you can find the answer there, or you can ask a question yourself.

Nextdns is a cloud-based private DNS server

Nextdns is kinda like Cloudflare’s DNS and Pi-Hole mashed into one easy to use interface. You sign up for it (it’s free for now), configure all the settings you like (what to block/whitelist, enable DNS over HTTPS, etc.) and plug the unique DNS server IP address details in to your devices. Pretty nifty! They’re gonna have apps soon to make it even easier to use (so you don’t have to manually update your IP address in their dashboard). I still prefer Wireguard + Pi-Hole for when I’m using 4G on my laptop/iPad though.

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