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Agencies want mandatory data retention laws expanded to store more data for longer

In a submission to the joint standing committee on intelligence and security's review of the data retention laws, a bunch of government departments want telcos to capture more info under mandatory data retention laws and to keep that data for longer. Meanwhile, Optus has received an exemption to not encrypt the data they make available to law enforcement agencies, saying it would mean their 24x7 automated system for data requests wouldn't be possible if it was encrypted. Oh, and 27 more government agencies gained access to our metadata in the last 12 months. Why in God's name does the Clean Energy Regulator and the Vet Surgeons Board need access?

Peter Thiel reckons Google is full of Chinese spies stealing AI tech

Peter Thiel is back in the news after a rant given at a conference claiming that Google has been infiltrated by Chinese spies at the executive level, who are stealing AI secrets and that the FBI and CIA should investigate. What Thiel is saying is kinda true, as yeah, it would be a shock if there aren't people loyal to the CCP funneling US-based AI research back to China - but also kinda nutso as he's presented fuck all proof of his claims. Thiel has Trump’s ear though, and Trump said he will look into Thiel’s claims around China and Google's relationship.

Apple’s looking to copy Spotify and pay for exclusive podcasts on iTunes

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple will join Spotify and start paying podcasters to make their shows exclusive to Apple's platform (which I think is still iTunes???). According to Bloomberg, "executives at the company have reached out to media companies and their representatives to discuss buying exclusive rights to podcasts, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the conversations are preliminary". I guess this was inevitable as podcasts went from niche medium for nerds to being easy to use and available for everyone with a smartphone.

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There’s six different types of USB-C cables that look identical but do different stuff

Benson Leung has a handy blog post outlining all the different types of USB-C cables. Despite having the same plug on each end, there are actually 6 different kinds of USB-C cables, each with different capabilities. The USB-C cable you plug in to your smartphone to charge it up, versus the cable you plug in to a monitor and computer, can look identical but are not interchangeable. The cable needed for higher data transfer actually has more wires in it to handle the extra bandwidth, but there's no way to look at the cable and know if it'll work or not! What a goddamn mess.


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