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UNSW has another quantum computing breakthrough

The UNSW quantum computing research team lead by Professor Michelle Simmons has had a new breakthrough. They've published a paper in the Nature journal that outlines how they were "able to achieve the first two-qubit gate between atom qubits in silicon, allowing them to communicate with each other at a 200 times faster rate than previously achieved at 0.8 nanoseconds". UNSW has published video explaining this achievement. I've no idea how if this is just a uni hyping up something relatively insignificant or a genuine breakthrough, but it sounds impressive and it was done in Australia, so I'm running with genuine breakthrough angle.

150m people have used FaceApp

By now you've probably seen the work of FaceApp - a Russian app that uses some AI voodoo shit to make people in a photo look 50 years older than they are. Over 150M people have downloaded FaceApp and according to the T&Cs, FaceApp can basically do whatever they want with whatever you send them. People upload their names and photos in public often (Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub) that anyone could technically scrape and hoard, so it’s not like this info is a secret. I guess the disconcernation about FaceApp is that despite all the fuss nerds have made about online privacy, 150m couldn't give a shit and just wanna see themselves as 70 year olds?

Dropbox surprises users with accidental silent install of New Desktop Experience

Dropbox "accidentally" automatically installed their "New Desktop Experience" app to many, many users overnight. People woke up and boom, there was a new Dropbox app on their computer that radically changed how Dropbox operated. Instead of simply being a specific folder on your computer that was kept in sync, the New Desktop Experience is an entirely new file manager, customised for Dropbox. This obviously upset people, who are kinda already pissed off with Dropbox for raising prices. There's never been a better time to use OneDrive (like I've been doing for years now, as I get 1TB free with my annual Office 365 subscription).

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How to preserve your laptop sticker collection

I've never been into it because I change laptops almost as often as I change underpants, but lots of people love to put stickers on their laptop. After a few years the stickers build up and it's a shame to have to destroy them when it's time for a new laptop. Graham Stevens was in that same situation and came up with a way to preserve the stickers he's so lovingly collected. Instead of applying the stickers directly to the laptop, get a high quality vinyl wrap (like automotive grade) in the same shade as your laptop, stick it on the laptop lid and apply the stickers to the wrap. When it's time to upgrade, just take the wrap off and if you like, frame it!


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