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FTC slaps $5b fine on Facebook for violating 2012 FTC order

Facebook has officially been fined US$5b "to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that the company violated a 2012 FTC order by deceiving users about their ability to control the privacy of their personal information". The penalty also imposes privacy requirements that you'd assume would be common sense, like "must encrypt user passwords and regularly scan to detect whether any passwords are stored in plaintext" and "exercise greater oversight over third-party apps". I'm glad Facebook is getting punished, but when your business is predicated on collecting data on people, it's gonna be tough not to abuse that data eventually.

Tesla’s co-founder exits the building as Q2 2019 financials go live

Tesla's CTO and co-founder, JB Straubel, is leaving Tesla. No reason was given for JB's departure so it could be as innocent as he's just had enough and wants to move on, or he sees the writing on the wall for Tesla and wants to get out before shit hits the fan. Tesla also released their Q2 2019 financial results and a company update (PDF here). They lost less money than last quarter, but it was a bigger loss than the market expected despite record sales, so shares went down 10%. Sales of the more expensive (and higher margin) S and X have shit the bed now that the 3 is available.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will go on sale in September (but not in AU)

Samsung has said that the Galaxy Fold has had enough extra time in the oven and will be ready for customers in September. They've added additional reinforcements, top and bottom hinge protection caps, made the top protection layer extend beyond the bezel (so people don't remove it) and the space between the hinge and body has been reduced. Price is the same at US$1,980, but won't be available in Australia at launch . Any Sizzle subscribers keen for one? I'm was mildly interested in Huawei's folding phone, but thanks to being the meat in a US-China trade war sandwich it's a much less interesting proposition.

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Multi-monitor setups aren’t always better than one

Over the years I've had various monitor configs on my desk, each with pros and cons, but I keep going back to a single monitor (the 27" Retina iMac display is gorgeous) and I think I finally know why thanks to this Wirecutter article. According to the experts they talked to, having a single monitor makes it easier to focus at the task at hand because the stuff on second or third monitor can be a distraction. That said, multiple monitors are great for people who need to "checking, comparing, compiling, and centralizing" type work.


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