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Another 8chan related mass murder

The mass murder that left 20 people dead in El Paso on the weekend makes it the third (Christchurch & a synagogue in California) mass murder this year, perpetrated by white nationalists fueled by 8chan bullshit. At least this dickhead didn't livestream his violence. The New York Times talked to 8chan's original founder, who reckons it should be shut down. Robert Evans has an interesting blog post about how 8chan is gamifying these acts of terror. Cloudflare was hosting stuff for 8chan (DDoS protection, DNS, etc.), but today decided to terminate their service because they can't stand to be associated with 8chan's bullshit anymore.

NBN thinking about ditching 100/40 plans and replacing it with 110/20

Watch out everyone, NBN Co has had another brainfart! This time they're considering making the 100/40 NBN plans available to businesses only and making the top tier plan for residential users 110/20. According to NBN, "We’ve identified that residential customers tend not to use the 40Mbps upload speed on the current 100/40, so to provision a service of these dimensions adds costs from a wholesale and retail point of view". I know it's all just theoretical changes right now, but the amount of just dumb shit NBN has been floating lately just demonstrates to me how warped their priorities are these days.

Intel has new laptop CPUs that are a little better than the previous ones

Might want to hold off buying a new laptop for a few weeks, as Intel has announced brand new 10nm-based CPUs. This 10th generation is codenamed "Ice Lake" (here's a guide on deciphering Intel's new naming scheme) and the initial designs are 9W and 15W parts, so they're perfect for ultrabooks. Raw CPU performance isn't that big of an improvement over the current generation of CPUs, as clock for clock benchmarks ar around the same. The main benefit of these new CPUs is the superior integrated graphics, which is a big leap over older CPUs, as well as support for 802.11ax (aka Wi-Fi 6) and Thunderbolt 3 built-in to the CPU.

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Three random Raspberry Pi projects I thought were worth bookmarking

I've had a bunch of Raspberry Pi related items sitting in my bookmarks for yonks. Time to air them out. Maybe I'll even get around to doing some projects one day.


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