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Google, Mozilla & Apple will block Kazakhtan’s mandatory MITM certificate

Google, Mozilla and Apple have joined forces to prevent the Kazakhstan government's plan to monitor internet use. The plan involves "requiring all Internet users to install a root certificate controlled by the Kazakh government into all their devices, allowing it to intercept, decrypt, and re-encrypt any traffic passing through systems it controlled". To thwart this, Firefox, Chrome and Safari will "block the use of the Kazakhstan root CA certificate. This means that it will not be trusted by Firefox even if the user has installed it" - effectively making Kazakhstan's plan futile as when people try install it, it won't install and if it won't install, the internet won't work without the use of a VPN (or a browser that will accept the fucked government cert).

New Intel CPUs that’ll slide right in to Apple’s laptop range

Intel has new CPUs that are the exact TDP Apple use in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air codenamed "Comet Lake". The 7W TDP parts (that go in the MBA) go up to 4C/8T with a single core capable of achieving 4.5GHz, but only support DDR3 RAM. The 15W parts (that go in the 13" MBP) have a 6C/12T option that maxes out at 4.7GHz for a single core and supports LPDDR4X RAM. Both the 7W and 15W CPUs support Wi-Fi 6 (aka 802.11ax) and include fixes for the Spectre/Fallout/etc vulnerabilities. Performance should be slightly better, as you've got more thermal headroom now, but realistically it's a minor bump. If you're hanging for a new laptop though, expect new ones using these CPUs later this year.

Monash Uni to do 80% of exams online by 2020

Monash Uni is gonna spend $7m to make the majority of its exams digital. No longer will students have to wrestle with laborious handwriting of essays and teachers will no longer have to decipher shitty handwriting or spend hours marking multiple choice questions. By exam period 2020, 80% of exams will be "e-assessments" and students have to bring their own device to participate (apparently it's too hard to buy enough computers for everyone to use). There will also be paper backups for any tech issues on the day. Personally, I would much rather do an e-assessment, I've pretty much forgotten how to write with a pen/pencil on paper and am much more comfortable typing stuff in that writing it. I'm sure all the youngins at uni are the same.

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