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Apple to give 3rd party repairers access to genuine parts, training & more

Apple's copped a lot of shit over the years for how it treats third party iPhone repairers, even from our own ACCC. It’s good to see then that Apple has announced they'll "provide more independent repair businesses - large or small - with the same genuine parts, tools, training, repair manuals and diagnostics as its Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASPs)". The Independent Repair Provider program is launching in the US first, with other countries (you'd assume Australia would be one of the first) launching not long after. Great move from Apple, it can't hurt to make it easier to get an iPhone repaired.

Victoria introduces registered engineer scheme, could expand to include IT engineers

Victoria's government passed the "Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019" earlier this week, with the intent to get "engineers in civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and fire-safety domains" vetted for major infrastructure projects. However, the law has a clause in it to include "any other prescribed area of engineering" and Engineers Australia is in favour or expanding those who need to be registered to include IT and telecommunications. A similar system has been running in Queensland for decades with IT engineers included and the sky hasn't fallen in up in QLD, so yeah. Something to keep an eye on for Victorian nerds.

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The UHD Alliance introduces Filmmaker Mode so your TV shows content the way it was intended

Ever been to someone's house, sat down to watch a nice movie on their fancy new TV and seen a totally fucked image that makes you question if your generous host is blind but you never noticed? The UHD Alliance (a group of filmmakers, distributors, and electronics manufacturers) wants to make sure that never happens again, by creating a preset on TVs called "Filmmaker Mode" that automatically enables when metadata in the content (e.g: an Amazon Prime stream or a Bluray disc) says it is warranted. This mode will make sure the correct aspect ratio is set (I can't believe people fuck this one up), disable motion smoothing and enable the correct colour presets. Tom Cruise will be very happy.


🎶 Django - Luis Bacalov & Rocky Roberts

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