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Twitter’s CEO got hacked because his telco let someone steal his phone number

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, had his Twitter account hacked over the weekend, with his account spewing out some fun messages about Nazis, jews and bombings of Twitter HQ for a few hours. Twitter later explained that the boss had his account taken over by a bunch of people calling themselves the "Chuckle Squad" who used the popular SIM swapping technique to steal Jack's phone number, then use Twitter's SMS service to tweet from his number, which made the messages appear in his timeline.

NBN tweaks Corporate Plan to reflect how shit the NBN is

NBN's latest Corporate Plan has been made public and has a few interesting pieces of info inside. First of all, the rollout is unlikely to be completed by 2020 like NBN keeps saying it will. Their own document says customers will still be migrating across to the NBN in 2023. There's also no plans for FTTN areas to get upgrades any time soon. Financially, NBN isn't doing as well as hoped. They've revised the ARPU target down from $51/user to $49/user, a sign that they don't see people taking up higher speed (and hence higher priced) plans any time soon.

China’s been using advanced chained hacks on Uyghur iOS devices

Google recently disclosed that a bunch of websites could compromise an iOS device and install a "monitoring implant", simply by visiting them (lots of technical detail on it here). Today TechCrunch is reporting that these websites were "part of a state-backed attack — likely China — designed to target the Uyghur community in the country's Xinjiang state". If you didn't know, the Chinese really hate Uyghurs. Apple fixed the vulnerability back in February, but anyone who visited these sites (which are still unnamed) would have Chinese monitoring crap on their device.

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Trump inadvertently declassified the latest US spy satellite capabilities

We all know the USA has spy satellites constantly orbiting Earth that have superior image quality than the commercial satellites orbiting Earth and constantly taking photos. Due to their sensitive nature, we never knew just how wide the gap in image quality is between what the government has and what private industry has. That was until Donald Trump tweeted out a photo of a failed Iranian rocket launch that has image quality never seen in public before. If this kinda thing interests you, Scott Manley has a very engaging 10 minute video explaining why Trump's tweet exposes so much about the USA's spying capabilities.


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