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Australian Space Agency receives $150m of funding to participate in NASA Artemis lunar program

The government gave the Australian Space Agency $150m of funding over 5 years to be used towards NASA's Artemis lunar program and signed a Statement of Intent with NASA on expanding cooperation between the two entities. Artemis plans to land humans on the moon again in 2024, as a stepping stone to putting humans on Mars one day. The government reckons "what this deal does is to deliver opportunities for Australian businesses to be a part of NASA’s supply chain". Considering how far behind Australia's space industry is for a country of our economic development, every little bit helps.

Facebook has another mass clear-out of naughty apps using its API

Facebook has suspended "tens of thousands of apps" for "inappropriately sharing data obtained from us, making data publicly available without protecting people’s identity or something else that was in clear violation of our policies". One of those apps for example, was "myPersonality, which shared information with researchers and companies with only limited protections in place, and then refused our request to participate in an audit". Facebook has also banned some developers permanently and even taken legal action against them. After all this time since the Cambridge Analytica bullshit, this stuff is still happening on Facebook. Fucken rotten platform.

uBlock Origin doesn’t work with Safari 13

If you've upgraded to Safari 13, uBlock Origin (imho the best ad blocker, in combination with Pi-Hole) won't work. Apple is only allowing "content blockers" in Safari now and is disabling the API that allows users to installed extensions. The content blockers are a bit average, but 1Blocker (costs US$10 on the Mac App Store) should get the job done according to the uBlock Origin developers. Chrome is also killing off uBlock Origin in the very near future, but that's not a surprise as Google is an advertising company first, tech company second.

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See a satellite tonight

Did you know that you can see satellites zooming through space, from earth, without a telescope? They kinda look like big shiny, fast moving stars, but you can see them! See A Satellite Tonight is a website that does what it says it does - give it your location and it will tell you what time to look at the sky and what satellite you will see. It even integrates Google Street View to tell you were to look in relation to where you are! What a great, practical use of technology. Imagine telling someone about this even as recently as the 90s - it would blow their mind.


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