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PayPal drops out of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency club

Facebook's plans for its Libra cryptocurrency have taken another hit with PayPal pulling out of the Libra Association. There's no specific reason given for PayPal changing its mind, all it officially told The Verge was that it has decided "to forgo further participation in the Libra Association at this time". But a report in the Financial Times said that "at least one primary concern for PayPal has been the lack of attention Facebook executives have paid to Libra's considerable backlash" and concerns about "how the platform will combat money laundering activity". Facebook isn't happy about PayPal quitting, releasing their own statement saying that "commitment to that mission is more important to us than anything else. We're better off knowing about this lack of commitment now, rather than later".

Elizabeth Holmes isn’t paying her lawyers, so they quit helping her

It's hard to make me feel sorry for a law firm, but Elizabeth Holmes (aka the Theranos CEO and official shyster) has managed to do it. Lawyers representing her in a class-action civil case regarding "fraud and medical battery" have filed a motion with the court stating "Ms. Holmes has not paid Cooley for any of its work as her counsel of record in this action for more than a year" and "given Ms. Holmes’s current financial situation, Cooley has no expectation that Ms. Holmes will ever pay it for its services as her counsel. Cooley therefore respectfully requests permission to withdraw as Counsel for Ms. Holmes". Once a deadbeat, always a deadbeat.

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ShareX is the best screenshot tool for Windows

Are you still using the Snipping Tool in Windows, or God forbid, Paint for your screenshot needs?! Stop fucking around and get around ShareX - it's open source, it's free, has no ads and is stupidly powerful whilst being easy to use. ShareX supports annotations galore (arrows, freehand, pixelations, highlighting, blurring, you name it), multiple destination methods (way too many to list, including URL shorteners and custom servers), gif screen recording for quick demos and so much more. It's way better than anything on macOS too. ShareX absolutely kicks arse.


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