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Hackers got root access to some of NordVPN’s servers

NordVPN got owned. Hackers appear to have obtained root access to some Nord servers "by exploiting an insecure remote management system left by the datacenter provider". Security researchers also noticed that NordVPN had an expired private key exposed. There isn't much detail around how long the hackers had access and what was done with that access, but considering the depth of the hack there's some "serious concerns" around the fallout. This is unfortunately one of the risks you face funneling all your internet traffic through a VPN and trusting the provider to keep it secure. Here's NordVPN's official statement on the incident.

Beta testers disappointed with Photoshop for iPad

Bloomberg has talked to a few beta testers of the upcoming Photoshop CC for iPad and it seems that Adobe isn't delivering what everyone expected. One beta tester said that "Feature-wise, it feels like a beefed-up cloud-based version of their existing iPad apps and not 'real Photoshop' as advertised,” said someone beta-testing the software, who declined to be named talking about an unreleased app. "I understand it is based on desktop Photoshop code, but it doesn’t feel like it right now." Other testers have called the app "rudimentary" and said, in its current state, it is inferior to other apps like Procreate and Affinity on the iPad". Ouch.

TikTok is now an ISIS recruiting ground

ISIS has infiltrated TikTok according to the Wall Street Journal. Social media monitoring agency Storyful identified around two dozen ISIS related accounts which have all been deleted now. The ISIS accounts "posted videos aimed at recruiting followers and bolstering support for the terrorist group — featuring Islamic State anthems and footage of corpses and ISIS fighters", as well as women who call themselves "jihadist and proud" and "used available TikTok filters like on-screen hearts and flowers". Is it fucked that I wanna see how ISIS uses TikTok? I want to hear the call of the caliphate via the latest social media sensation from China!

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Memex caches every website you look at so you can search for it later

Ever laid awake at night trying to remember the URL or the specific search string you use to find a website you want to visit again, but forgot to bookmark? Memex can help avoid forgetting "that website". It's a browser extension that logs every single website you visit and provides full-text search capability of your web history and bookmarks. Just search for keywords you remember in the web page and boom, it'll dig it up for ya (there's loads of filters you can apply to the search too). There's also highlighting, tagging and note taking in memex. All the data is stored on your computer, not the cloud and it's free & open-source. I haven't used it much yet (just had it installed for a day) but Memex looks like it'll come in very handy.


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