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Disney+ launches in the USA & some random Disney+ information

Disney+ has launched in the USA (19th of November for AU) and it's been very popular. So popular that the service has been unavailable for many people trying to watch their favourite Disney content or The Mandalorian (apparently it's quite good if you're into Star Wars). Speaking of Star Wars, the Greedo & Han scene in the variant of A New Hope (episode 4, aka the first one) up on Disney+ has been changed again! George Lucas made a slight change just before handing over the rights to Disney. Disney+ also has the entire back catalog of Simpsons episodes, but they gimped it by showing the original 4:3 episodes (i.e: the good ones) in zoomed 16:9, so heaps of visual gags are cut off.

The November 2019 Windows 10 update is more like a service pack than an update

Windows 10's November 2019 update (aka Windows 10 1909) is now live. It's not a big feature update, but more of a service pack style update that Microsoft describes as "a scoped set of features for select performance improvements, enterprise features, and quality enhancements". Some of the new minor features include being able to use other voice assistants (e.g: Alexa/Google) on the Windows lock screen, creating a new calendar event from the taskbar, low latency for "digital inking" (aka drawing with a stylus) on some devices, more flexible notification options, files that are only on OneDrive are included when you search in File Explorer and dozens of tiny other things that I have no idea if you'd care about.

Facebook’s latest camera bug isn’t spying on you - it’s just a bug

Facebook's been accused of leaving your iPhone's camera on in the background whilst you scroll through your news feed - they're watching you without your knowledge!11!! Nah, it's just a bug and for once, I believe them that it's just a bug and unintentional. What happens is under some circumstances, if you use the camera within the Facebook app then return to your feed after using the camera, it stays on in the background and the feed view is cut off, showing a sliver of the live camera view. The linked article has a video showing what the go is. Considering this only happens in iOS 13.2.2 and iOS 13 has been a buggy mess, I think we can give Facebook a pass on this one.

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How do you give people your 1Password/Last Pass master key when you die?

I'm gonna die eventually and once everyone pulls themselves together after the immense shock and comes to terms with the massive hole in their lives that I no longer fill, they need to sort out my estate. By far the easiest way of doing that would be to grab my 1Password master key as all the info they could ever want is stashed in there. But I don’t wanna just write my master key down, keep it in a safe and pray nobody is tempted to touch it until my death. To solve this conundrum, Lachlan Donald made a tool called Pass Share that splits the master key up into bits you share with multiple people and the only way to get the full key is everyone joining up and obtaining a QR code/recovery kit. Very nifty solution to a problem many of us will face.


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