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China’s salty that Australia’s making it hard for their businesses to maintain 4G networks here

China has complained to the World Trade Organisation about Australia allegedly expanding its ban on Huawei and ZTE products beyond 5G. Some of the things China is salty about include "preventing 4G maintenance staff from Chinese suppliers from entering sites also hosting 5G technology and prohibiting existing 4G networks operated by Chinese equipment suppliers from transferring data sent by 5G base stations". According to telco consultant Paul Budde, if a base station has 5G from a different provider (e.g: Ericsson) and the 4G stuff is Huawei, it's technically illegal for Huawei staff to maintain the 4G stuff that was installed prior to the 5G ban. Sounds like a pain in the arse for the telcos (except Telstra, which never had Huawei/ZTE infrastcuture).

Australian Human Rights Commission wants to pause the use of facial recognition technology

The Australian Human Rights Commission wants a "legal moratorium on the use of facial recognition technology in decision making that has a legal, or similarly significant, effect for individuals". In their latest discussion paper on the topic of human rights and technology, they outline their concern that "the current underlying technology is prone to serious error, and this error is often more likely for people of colour, women and people with disability, among others". Even California has banned law enforcement from using facial recognition for the same reasons and you'd think of all the places that would be into using technology to solve problems, it would be them! Unfortunately our government rarely listens to AHRC's suggestions so expect botched facial recognition programs to roll out across the country despite the evidence saying to leave that feature turned off.

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The easy way to set up a fancy PXE boot server with multiple Linux distro options has released a very nifty PXE boot image inside a Docker container that lets you choose which Linux distro you want to install. If you're sick of having to download an ISO and write it to a USB drive every time you want to use a new machine or whatever, makes it a piece of cake. It'll grab the latest version of that distro and start the install process automatically. The Docker container has the TFTP server ready to go and a web interface for configuring any custom images (e.g: maybe you want a specific version, or a specific machine to use a specific image). If you've been put off setting up a PXE boot setup at home (like me) because it looked like a pain in the arse, this could be worth a look. It installs just like any other Docker container if you're running a Synology NAS or Unraid server, etc.


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