The Sizzle is back for a 5th year. I wish I could say I had a wonderful break, but it was (and still is, particularly now that the toxic smoke has reached my home) gut wrenching and scary to witness massive bush fires destroying huge chunks of the most beautiful parts of Australia the last few weeks. Give money to the Red Cross and keep pressuring governments to take climate change seriously.

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CES 2020: Day 0

CES 2020 over in Las Vegas is about to kick off. Here's some pre-expo announcements I thought were interesting:

I assume the deluge of crap for us to laugh at and the big product announcements will come tomorrow.

Holiday news catchup

Stuff that happened over the break that you should know about, but don’t need to know that much about unless you’re keen:

Vodafone’s finally getting some 5G love

Telstra and Optus have had active 5G networks for a while now, leaving Vodafone looking weird for only not having any 5G sites, but not even a plan to build any. They were put in a shit spot when the Australian government banned Huawei from building 5G networks here and the ACCC blocked their merger with TPG - but over the break Vodafone announced they've struck a deal with Nokia to get some 5G action going in the "coming months", starting with some sites "in and around Parramatta". For reference, Nokia also supply Optus with 5G network gear. Telstra uses Ericsson. Total domination from the Scandinavians.

Not News

Curious about software defined radios but didn’t know where to start? Check this out

Seen your fellow nerds fucking around with weird looking radio stuff on their computers and wondered what the hell was going on? LuaRadio's documentation has been updated to include a very approachable introduction to the world of Software Defined Radio. You buy a $20 USB stick, plug in an antenna and you can listen to most of the radio signals floating around you. The article explains what type of USB stick to buy, what type of antenna to use, how to use the different software packages and what you can expect to find in different parts of the radio spectrum. SDR spelunking can be fun, you often don't know what radio signals will pop up.


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