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CES 2020: Day 1

The announcements are coming in strong and hard now:

YouTubers upset they have to follow COPPA and stop taking advantage of kids for money

Big news in YouTube world - creators will now need to self-declare if their videos are for kids so that they can be shown to kids and the videos marked for children won't have comments or targeted ads. Creators are freaking out as if they mark their video as for kids it'll mean they get fewer views (as it'll be for kids only) and less money (because the ads are generic). This has come about due to the US Federal Trade Commission declaring that YouTube has to comply with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (also known as COPPA) and threatened to do "sweeps" of YouTube to ensure COPPA is followed.

Not News

Get a Windows style application switcher on macOS with alt-tab-macos

One of the few things I like in Windows more than macOS is the "alt-tab" window switcher. In macOS all you get is a bunch of icons and you can only switch between the apps themselves, not the windows between the apps (that's a 2nd keystroke once you've selected the app), but in Windows you can see like thumbnails of every window you've got running. With alt-tab-macos, you can now enjoy that same Windows alt-tab view on macOS. I've been using it for a few days and it works damn well. It's customisable (how much of the screen to use, how many thumbnails per row, icon sizes, etc.), reliable (hasn't shit the bed yet) and costs nothing. What's not to love?


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