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CES 2020: Day 2

Let the deluge of tech stuff you’ll look at once then never think of again continue!

Australian bushfire conspiracy theories and disinformation spreading around social media

Dr Timothy Graham from the Queensland University of Technology is looking in to why there's so many tweets with the hashtag #ArsonEmergency and blaming The Greens for Australia's current bushfires. He got a bunch of tweets from Jan 1 to Jan 6, pumped them into an R package called tweetbotornot and found that there was a much higher amount of likely bots using that hashtag than other hashtags, leading him to believe there's some sort of disinformation campaign going on, but probably not a massive one and it's unsure as to who is doing it. Buzzfeed has compiled a bunch of bushfire related bullshit circling the internet. I don't know what's worse - the fact people are gullible enough to believe this stuff or that people spend their timing making it all up.

Sonos is suing Google for infringing on their wireless speaker patents

Sonos is suing Google, accusing them of infringing on their patents for syncing and connecting wireless speakers. Sonos also wants Google to stop selling speakers that use these patents (i.e: Nest Mini, Home Max, etc). Apparently back in 2013, Sonos showed Google how it was able to send music to multiple speakers so reliably over wi-fi in an effort to get support for Sonos gear in Google software. Two years later Google released the Chromecast and a year after that a range of smart speakers. Sonos also reckons Amazon is infringing on their patents with Echo speakers, but can't afford to sue Google and Amazon at the same time. As if Google doesn't know it ratfucked Sonos, that's the kinda thing US$960b companies do all the time and hope nobody bothers to fight it.

Not News

Microsoft, Google and Amazon are making it cheaper to extract oil and damage the planet

Vox has uploaded a video to YouTube that tries to explain how Microsoft, Amazon and Google are two-faced fucks when it comes to combating climate change. In their marketing materials and public messaging, they’re all about how their datacentres use renewable energy and that they love the planet. But not so proudly, they sell cloud services and AI/machine learning technology to fossil fuel companies that helps them find and extract the shit easier, faster and cheaper than ever before. If these giant tech companies truly gave a rats arse about climate change, they’d stop selling being enablers of cheap fossil fuels so renewables and other technology can take over.


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