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CES 2020: Day 3

I hope this is the last day I have to pay attention to CES, I’m over it.

Get ready QLD, you’re getting digital drivers licences soon

Queensland is joining NSW and SA in the digital drivers licence game. French mega company Thales (you might know them for their range of bombs and missiles) has been awarded the contract along with local businesses Code Heroes and Aliva. The app will be built using Gemalto's Digital ID platform and will be designed to meet "International ISO-Compliant Mobile Driving Licence Standards", of which I had no idea was a thing. The Department of Transport and Main Roads wants the app to also host things like car rego, marine licences and other types of government ID, not just drivers licences. Trials will start "early 2020" in the Fraser Coast.

Twitter experimenting with letting you define who can reply to your tweet

Twitter is making changes to who can reply to your tweets with a new feature called "conversation participants". You'll soon be able to mark a tweet as "global" which allows anyone to reply, "group" only people that you follow or mention in the tweet can reply, "panel" only people mentioned in the tweet can reply and "statement", where nobody can reply. According to Twitter's director of product management Suzanne Xie, "getting ratio'd, getting dunked on, the dynamics that happen that we think aren't as healthy are definitely part of... our thinking about this". The conversation participants feature will start testing “in the first quarter” and if it doesn't end up being a disaster, will be available for everyone on Twitter later in the year.

Not News

Looks like V2H bi-directional EV charging is finally getting real

If you're a dork like me that's interested in V2H technology for using the battery in an electric car to power a home, you'll be happy to know that Wallbox are releasing a bi-directional DC charger that you can actually buy. It's not cheap (US$4,000) but it's still cheaper than getting a separate battery with a decent capacity (Tesla Powerwall is A$11,700). Where things get interesting is taking advantage of free charging at shops or at work, then taking that power home and using it there. Can't do that with a Tesla Powerwall! Only downside is that the Wallbox Quasar only works with a CHAdeMO plug, which is only on the Nissan LEAF and Mitsubishi Outlander. Every other EV uses CCS2, which Wallbox reckon will be coming soon. Not sure if the car needs a firmware update though.


🎶 The Sweat Descends - Les Savy Fav

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