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Apple and the FBI doing the “break into this terrorist’s phone” tango again

The FBI has been trying once again to get into an iPhone used by a mass murderer, but hasn't been successful in circumventing the passcode. They asked Apple for help, but Apple refused (sound familiar?), so now the US Attorney General has written to Apple begging for assistance, saying that they need their help "to see data and messages from encrypted apps like Signal or WhatsApp to determine whether he had discussed his plans with others at the base and whether he was acting alone or with help". I doubt Apple will change their position on this, so I predict 2020 will be the year new draconian laws that compromise everyone's security will get legislated.

Europe is gonna force electronics manufacturers to have a common charger to fit multiple devices

The EU has been "encouraging" industry to come up with a single standard for mobile phone charging since 2014. It kinda worked with Android phones using microUSB for a while and now USB-C, but Apple is still out there on their own with Lightning. The EU has recognised this soft approach didn't work, so at their next plenary session debate will begin on how to get force device manufacturers to come up with a common charger to fit all "mobile phones, tablets, e-book readers and other portable devices" sold in the EU. God speed to everyone involved, the answer now more than ever is simply USB-C. Apple already does it on the iPad Pro and laptops, just do it on the rest of their product range!

ACMA tells ISPs to block a few more offshore gambling sites

ACMA has told Australian ISPs to block some more websites. Aussies will no longer be able to piss their money away at "Roo Casino, GW Casino, Wager Beat, Joe Fortune, Ignition Casino, Casino Dingo, AU Slots, Top Bet, and XBet", who are all breaching the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. ACMA is warning Australian users of these sites to pull your money out now. Unless you're a degenerate gambler that knows how to change their DNS settings to or I still find it really weird that ACMA and Foxtel/Village/Madman can get websites blocked. I don't necessarily disagree that these websites are shit and people shouldn't use them, but it's kinda weird to just block them. It feels wrong, even if it maybe is right?

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