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Mandatory metadata collection program is also sharing everyone in Australia’s web history

The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security has been told by the Commonwealth Ombudsman that while telcos aren't forced to hand over URLs their customers visit as part of the mandatory data retention regime, law enforcement agencies are getting it anyways. He went on to say that he isn't sure if the cops have asked for it and the telcos handed it over because they're scared of going to jail, or the telcos just lumped it in because they're too lazy to filter it out. Either way, the very thing the government said won't be happening (law enforcement getting a list of websites we visit) is happening. The Australian Human Rights Commission is not a fan but the government hasn't listened to them in almost a decade, as if they'd care now, particularly on this nerdfest of a topic.

SpaceX’s rocket ridesharing program for small satellites and plans to IPO Starlink

Got a lazy million bucks and feel like chucking some shit into space? SpaceX is now offering a "ridesharing" service for its rocket launches. There's a 72 page user guide on how to package your payload and there's a launch roughly every four weeks. The US$1m spend gets you a 200kg payload placed into a Sun-synchronous orbit. Pretty wild this kinda thing has been so commodified and regimented that SpaceX can do this. They're also planning to spin off Starlink via an IPO once it's up and running. SpaceX is private, but Starlink would really suit a company listed on a market. I would 100% invest in that IPO. You'd have to majorly fuck it up to not make a solid profit off covering the globe in internet access.

Apple’s Independent Repair Provider program is not as good as we hoped it would be

A few months ago Apple said they're gonna start an Independent Repair Provider program so anyone can order genuine parts for Apple products and fix them? Those who applied to be an IRP got their contracts from Apple recently and in typical Apple style, it's full of clauses that give Apple more control than they deserve. Members of the IRP program can't buy stock in advance (meaning same-day repairs are impossible), repairers have to agree to random unannounced deep audits and inspections and they have to share all customer details with Apple. There's heaps of other little nickel and diming shit in the contract that makes the whole IRP program more of a pain in the arse than a benefit. Why can't Apple just sell parts without this bullshit? Car OEMs have been doing it for years.

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