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Mobile World Congress is gonna be a quiet one thanks to coronavirus fears

Sony, Amazon, LG, Ericsson, NTT Docomo and Nvidia have decided to pull out of exhibiting or sending staff to Mobile World Congress 2020 over in Barcelona due to the coronavirus. It's usually where all the big smartphone and mobile network related announcements take place, but this year it'll likely be very quiet as not only are those big companies not attending, but lots of people from China (where a big chunk of smartphone activity takes place) won't be able to enter Spain unless they've spent 14 days or more out of China. MWC 2020 is supposed to kick off on the 24th of Feb, so it wouldn't surprise me if more vendors decide it's not worth the risk to attend this year.

Taika Waititi lets the world know what Apple’s laptop keyboards are crap

Taika Waititi won an Oscar and after you win an Oscar you're ushered to a room of journalists that pepper you with questions. One question was what would you like Writer's Guild (union for people who write for TV shows and movies and shit) to argue for in its upcoming negotiations with producers and Taika responded with a mini-rant about Apple's shit keyboards. It's been fixed on the 16" MBP, but every other laptop is still a turd. I hope more celebrities start whinging about Apple products so Apple pays attention. One celebrity complaint is like 10,000 regular person complaints.

Random news because it’s a slow day

Not News is for sale and its owner hopes Microsoft buys it instead of cybercrims

The domain name is up for sale by its owner Mike O'Connor and normally that wouldn't be a big deal, but is a weird one as it was used as the default domain name in early Active Directory setups. There's loads of businesses out there that still use as their domain internally despite not owning the domain. If someone nefarious purchased (asking price is US$1.7m), they could have access to all these poorly configured networks and inhert a massive botnet. Mike hopes Microsoft buys it and saves poorly configured Active Directory setups from hurting themselves.


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