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All the info you ever wanted about the new Xbox’s hardware setup

Microsoft has let loose with all the specs for its upcoming Xbox Series X console. Its got a custom AMD Zen 2 CPU and RDNA 2 based GPU (so kinda like a heavily modified Ryzen APU), 16TB of RAM and a 1TB NVMe SSD. Older Xbox games will work on the new console and even get "automated HDR" so the old games look nicer. The design is basically a featureless black oblong with a big fan at the bottom and a big fan at the top with the parts wedged in between. You can add more storage to the Xbox Series X via NVMe SSDs housed in proprietary external cards so you can't just get an SSD and chuck it in yourself, you gotta use Microsoft's card thingy that reminds me of the PlayStation memory cards from back in the day. Anyway, the new Xbox should be on sale in time for Christmas.

AMD’s new laptop CPUs are ball tearers

AMD have officially released Ryzen Mobile 4000 series APUs (aka CPUs with a GPU inside). Normally I'd not bother mentioning the release of a new CPU, but this one is a little special as it's the first time AMD has a faster CPU than Intel in the mobile space that also uses less power - mainly due to AMD/TSMC having a superior chip fabrication process. The king is well and truly dead. Anandtech has way too much technical info on the new CPU, but the juicy stuff is AMD's comparison of the Ryzen 9 4900HS against the Intel Core i9-9880H. 23% faster in Handbrake is nothing to sneeze at considering it'll also likely be cheaper than Intel's CPU too. I can't wait to see some independent benchmarks.

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Young people can suck at the internet just as much as old people

Young people as "digital natives", being able to understand what's bullshit or legit online and participating in online conversations is kinda taken for granted by many businesses and governments - but it isn't true. A research project at the University of Liverpool has found "data literacy" (fancy phrase for how good at internetting you are) is made up of 3 different areas - data thinking, data doing and data participation. Their research found that the youngins who are seen as the most savvy when it comes to social media are actually as bad as boomers when it comes to internet literacy and how their data is used.


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