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Sonos explains how their new app will work handling older devices

Sonos has announced a new app called Sonos S2 that'll come out in June and be the platform for the "next generation" of Sonos products. It'll split the Sonos product rage in two - legacy stuff will run in the current Sonos app, with current and future stuff running in the new app. Sonos claims splitting the old gear from the new gear will allow them to add extra features like higher resolution audio and "more connected and personal experiences" (but they didn't explain it beyond that). I also assume Sonos will be hoping users get frustrated at having to use two apps if they want to mix new and old gear and will buy new gear. This is a much better approach than their previous solution of "let us permanently disable your old perfectly working products, put them in the bin and get a 30% discount on new ones".

Controversial TikTok moderation policies leaked

The Intercept got its hands on internal TikTok moderation guideline documents that spell out how they discriminate against certain users and actively filter out anti-Chinese stuff. Unlike other social networks, TikTok has massive amounts of moderators that flag stuff as benign as "videos showing rural poverty, slums, beer bellies, and crooked smiles" to make sure it doesn't get too popular. In an even greyer area, content that could be interpreted as "uglification or distortion of local or other countries' history" or "harming national honor" were straight up deleted and the users banned. The Chinese approach to social media moderation is veryyyy different to the American approach.

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Popcorn Time returns, just in time for imminent mandatory social distancing

Years ago I was a big fan of Popcorn Time - an app that scours torrent sites and streams the latest movies and TV shows to you with no setup. It was like watching Netflix, but free and with content from every platform in the one spot. The holy grail of piracy! Its creators dropped the project when the heat got too strong from law enforcement and as a result, several dodgy clones popped up that were malware. Out of nowhere though and probably linked to coronavirus, the original version of Popcorn Time got a major update overnight. It looks legit (well, as legit as something like this can be) and works well. Whilst I don't want to go around condoning piracy, it's a fantastic glimpse at what a Spotify for video content would look like instead of each media company hoarding their content in a $10/m silo.


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