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New MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iPad Pro & accessories

Apple released a bunch of new stuff overnight. The MacBook Air gets a proper keyboard like the 15" MBP as well as a spec bump. The Mac Mini also got a spec bump. There's new iPhone/iPad cases Apple Watch bands too. The main news is a new iPad Pro that's faster than the previous one, has a better camera and integrates a LiDAR scanner for augmented reality stuff. You can also get an optional "Magic Keyboard" that's got a proper switched keyboard (no more felt piece of crap) and a trackpad. The Verge has a nice video explaining how mouse input/cursors work in iOS now - the iPad Pro is slowly inching closer to becoming a Microsoft Surface Pro. The Magic Keyboard for iPad costs A$499, works with the 3rd-gen as well as the new 4th-gen iPad Pro and comes out in May. All the other Apple stuff is out now or in the next week or two. iPadOS 13.4 with the fancy trackpad/mouse stuff comes out March 24th.

Parliamentary Budget Office values NBN at a paltry $8.7b

NBN is worth $8.7b according to the Parliamentary Budget Office. Eight point seven billion dollars is all the government reckons it would get if it sold today. That's less than a third of the cash taxpayers pumped into the NBN. We've "invested" $29.5b, plus provided a $19.5b loan, yet the entire thing is only worth $8.7b. Absolute ratshit return on the money. The reason its getting valued is because the government is looking for ways to prop up the NBN without using more taxpayer money and to do so, needs to work out what the NBN is worth. Breath-taking incompetence.

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A review of the Ubiquiti Dream Machine setup process

Troy Hunt has a nice review of the Ubiquiti Dream Machine and Flex HD access point. If you don't already know, the Dream Machine is an all-in-one wi-fi access point, switch and router based on Ubiquiti UniFi platform. This means its got a shitload of options and is expandible with additional access points (e.g the FlexHD). If you're familiar with UniFi there's not much new here, but if you're unsure why so many nerds like the relatively pricey (compared to consumer level stuff) Ubiquiti gear, Troy's walk through of setting up the UDM and a FlexHD at a friend's place is a good insight as to why.


🎶 King Kunta - Kendrick Lamar

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