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NTSB finds yet another car crash death that could have been avoided if Tesla’s Autopilot was not used

The NTSB has released its final report into a fatal 2019 crash involving a Tesla Model 3 with autopilot that collided into a semi-trailer crossing a highway. The semi-trailer was at fault, but the NTSB said that “Tesla's analysis found Autopilot didn't treat the truck as a "threat" as it moved into the path of the Model 3 because it was designed to navigate highways with limited access where crossing traffic isn't an issue. Had the Model 3 driver not been able to turn on Autopilot in that specific instance or had the system made sure they paid attention to the road, the accident may have been avoided”.

Study finds that using Android Auto and Apple CarPlay whilst driving is worse than drunk driving

IAM RoadSmart has conducted a study exploring driver attention in cars with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It found that drivers interacting with the touch screens on AA/CP units had up to 57% slower reaction times than that of an undistracted driver. To put that into perspective, driving at the drink-drive limit was 12% slower and using cannabis was 21% slower. Even using AA/CP voice controls were pretty bad, with a 36% worse reaction time than an undistracted driver. It was also interesting to note that Android Auto is slightly less distracting than CarPlay.

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