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Government formalises law forcing ISPs to block “online crisis events”

The eSafety Commissioner and Australian ISPs have agreed on a framework to continue blocking websites hosting graphic material that depict terrorist acts or violent crimes, as a way to "stem the risk of its rapid spread as an online crisis event unfolds". Basically the eSafety Commissioner will determine an "an online crisis event" and tell ISPs to block it and they will block it because they agreed to do so. It's basically what happened during the Christchurch terrorist attack, but now it's a permanent law ready to be used the next time some dickhead decides to display how much of a dickhead they are to the world.

New Windows 0-day floating around for stressed people working from home to get phished with

There's a fresh unpatched Windows 0-day being actively exploited in the wild that allow the execution of malicious code. "The security flaw exists in the Adobe Type Manager Library, a Windows DLL file that a wide variety of apps use to manage and render fonts available from Adobe Systems. The vulnerability consists of two code-execution flaws that can be triggered by the improper handling of maliciously crafted master fonts in the Adobe Type 1 Postscript format. Attackers can exploit them by convincing a target to open a booby-trapped document or viewing it in the Windows preview pane". Microsoft reckons "a successful attack could only result in code execution within an AppContainer sandbox context with limited privileges and capabilities" and is yet to provide an ETA on when a fix will be available. Add it to the pile of shit currently strained IT departments have to deal with.

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Detailed Dell XPS 13 9300 laptop review

Dell's latest iteration of the popular XPS 13 laptop has been given a once over by Notebook Check. Overall they liked it and there's some nice touches like the 16:10 ratio screen (a few more vertical pixels are always welcome) and the metal casing for very little chassis flex. Unlike previous XPS units, this one didn't exhibit any annoying coil whine during Notebook Check's testing. The 9300 is a fraction smaller and lighter than its predecessor, but it’s also slower because the CPU can’t sustain high levels of performance due to thermal constraints. Probably good advice for any laptop user that if you need sustained high clock speeds, you need some sort of external cooling (like a cooling pad) or use a desktop instead.


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