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A smorgasbord of software updates for Apple devices

Apple dropped a bunch of updates for all its software platforms today. macOS 10.15.4 adds communication limits to Screen Time (like in iOS), a Head Pointer accessibility option so the mouse can be controlled via head movements detected by the Mac's camera and about a dozen other little things. iOS 13.4 fixes the Mail toolbar, new Memoji & Animoji, third party navigation in the CarPlay Dashboard, mouse cursor for the iPad and more. watchOS 6.2 now has an App Store on the watch itself and our kiwi mates get to use the ECG feature. tvOS 13.4 and the HomePod's OS (does it even have a name?) are pretty much just bug fixes.

Firefox’s Better Web plugin gains support for Scroll subscription revenue service

Mozilla announced it has integrated Scroll into its Better Web plugin for Firefox. Scroll is a revenue sharing service that charges users US$5/m and distributes that monthly fee to websites enrolled in its program based on the amount of traffic Scroll users give that site. By integrating it into an official Firefox plugin like Better Web (which primarily enables Firefox's Enhanced Tracking Protection features) they're hoping adoption of Scroll grows. It's only available to US users at the moment, but it's an interesting business model that I would like to see investigated more at scale.

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Doug DeMuro’s review of the Tesla Model Y

One of my favourite YouTubers, Doug DeMuro, got his hands on a Tesla Model Y and given it his usual "quirks and features" review. If you aren't already aware, it's an electric car like the Model 3 but jacked up to be in the popular SUV style with more cargo area that the vast majority of car buyers want in 2020. It's similar in size to a BMW X3 or Mazda CX-5. In the USA the current base model (Long Range) costs US$52,990 before taxes, which at current exchanges rates would put it at around $100,000 on the road with taxes in most Australian states. Oof. A "cheaper" more standard range model will come eventually, but it's all academic as there's still no Australian ETA or price estimate.


No good bargains around today (been a while since this has happened!), so here's a few Aliexpress items I've seen on Thieve lately I think are cool:

🎶 Covered in Chrome - Violent Soho

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