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Local councils request to keep warrantless access to metadata for issuing fines

Local councils are keen to keep sucking at the metadata tit, begging in a parliamentary submission to retain warrantless access to the massive cache of metadata telcos collect on us. They have the audacity to suggest that the relatively minor crimes of "illegal dumping, removal of trees, traffic offenses, etc" deserve unfetted access to every Australian's metadata. The metadata retention program was supposed to be for serious crimes, not someone cutting down a tree. The fact they have access to the metadata in the first place is a loophole and should be closed up.

Google releases Podcast app for iOS and updates iOS Google Assistant app

Google has thrown iOS users a bit of love the past 24 hours, updating the Google Assistant app to match the look and feel of its superior (for obvious reasons) Android counterpart. The main change is the Snapshot feed, that "organizes a variety of information using chronological cards" like weather and calendar reminders. It also ties in to Google Podcasts, which finally got a dedicated iOS app. I'm guessing the reason you'd use Google Podcasts is for better integration with your Google voice assistant stuff? Like saying "Hey Google resume playing Planet Money" and it'll pick up where you left off after getting out of the car or whatever?

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Cut your CO2 emissions by cutting your code

Danny van Kooten saved 59,000kg of CO2 a month by simply removing 20kb of JavaScript in his WordPress plugin Mailchimp for WordPress, used by over 2 million sites. To put that into perspective, a Toyota Yaris driven 15,000km a year would emit 2,300kg of CO2 (in Europe). That simple code change is equivalent to removing 25 cars from the road every month - over 300 a year. The math is laid out there for all to see (too long to summarise here) and I have no reason to believe it's bullshit. If anything, dirtier grids than Europe (i.e: Australia) would make the effect more profound.


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