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US$1b in Square equity donated by Jack Dorsey for coronavirus support

Jack Dorsey is giving US$1b, approximately 28% of his of his wealth, to fight coronavirus. That billion dollars is coming from his equity in Square that he's given to a new company he created and owns. That company will sell the shares over time and donate the cash to various projects. Jack has published a Google Sheet of the new company's activities. The first recipient is America's Food Fund, who got US$100,000. Also Twitter related, the Hedonometer has used its language sentiment algorithm on the public Twitter feed to declare that the COVID-19 pandemic is the saddest Twitter has ever been.

Here’s what the PS5 controller looks like

It's a slow news day (something about a virus consuming everyone's thoughts???) so here's information on the controller for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5. It's called the DualSense, has much finer-grained haptic feedback capability (like the Switch's controller) that would allow "players to truly feel the tension of your actions, like when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow" when pressing the LR & R2 triggers. My main beef with the controller is that it is predominately white. I can't wait to smear Dorito powder all over the damn thing and give it a nice orange tint.

Random bits of coronavirus adjacent tech news

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Tesla Model Y teardown videos from Sandy Munro

Sandy Munro is a name that means nothing except to people deep in the automotive manufacturing industry (i.e: you make cars for a living) or you're a Tesla fanboy. Munro tears down cars and sells reports for auto OEMs to analyse what their competitors are up to. He's tearing down a Model Y right now and uploading heaps of YouTube videos of the interesting bits in the Model Y, like the Octovalve. Even if you aren't a big Tesla fan it's interesting to watch the detailed analysis of how a car is made and the little changes made between the 3 and Y.


🎶 The Game - End of Fashion

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