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The iPhone SE got updated with iPhone 11 bits inside and iPhone 8 on the outside

Apple's released a new iPhone SE. It's got the guts of an iPhone 11 (A13 SoC) inside the body of an iPhone 8, Touch ID instead of Face ID and a single camera instead of the multi-cam setup on the 11. Oh and there's no headphone jack or fancy U1 radio chip. Other than that though, it's basically a flagship phone priced at US$399/AU$749 for the 64GB variant. If you buy the red one money will go towards fighting COVID-19. If you want the smallest iPhone around, this is it. I'm a little disappointed they didn't take the opportunity to develop an even smaller phone with a 4" screen that a bunch of nerds like me are desperate for.

The demoscene has been added to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage items

The Finnish government successfully lobbied UNESCO to add the demoscene to their National Inventory of Living Heritage. Basically Finland is saying the demoscene is a strong part of their culture that they think should be recognised and protected. The demoscene, if you're unfamiliar are little computer programs, usually written in a low level language like assembly, designed to show off the graphics capabilities of a computer. They've been made since the 80s and are still done today. Here's a video explaining the demoscene. Here's a video of a modern demo called Fermi Paradox - it is 64 kilobytes in size! Here's one running on a Commodore 64.

Some COVID-19 technology related news

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An outdoor 4G CAT6 LTE modem router that’s robust and easy to install

Are you one of those poor bastards stuck on 4G for internet access, but your indoor signal is weak? Powertec's new Cellferno is an all in one antenna/CAT6 LTE modem designed for outdoor use. Stick it on a pole with the included bracket, run an ethernet cable from your house to it and you're set. It's PoE powered and can either act as a router or you can put the modem in bridge mode. It's the nicest and easiest to install unit I've seen for this purpose. It does cost $1650, but if you pair it with one of Optus' 500GB mobile broadband plans it's probably the best internet access you'll get with the least fucking around. Here's a link to the datasheet and the quick start guide.


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