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The Mavic Air 2 is DJI’s latest drone

DJI has a new drone - the Mavic Air 2. It costs $1499, has a 48MP 1/2" camera (not as good as a DSLR but better than a smartphone) that'll do 4K video at 60fps and 1080p video at 240fps for sick slow-motion footage. It can fly for around 34 minutes and weighs 570g. The Mavic Air 2 includes three tracking features - ActiveTrack 3.0 (autofly while following an object), Spotlight 2.0 (locks on to a moving object but you fly it) and POI 3.0 (locks on a stationary object), plus updated video transmission protocols, ADS-B support and more. I'd love to see how it compares to the Skydio 2 drone, which is supposed to be the boss when it comes to autonomous tracking.

Disney tried to claim all tweets using the hashtag #MayThe4th belong to them

If you know anything about copyright history, it's that Disney is the primary reason why copyright law is so fucked up. They're so desperate to keep leeching cash off Mickey Mouse that they fight tooth and nail to extend the length of copyright terms. Without Disney's lobbying, stuff 20 or 30 years old (i.e: all media made before the year 2000!) would be public domain and free to download, share or remix. Anyways, that's a long intro to set the scene for Disney's latest copyright weirdness - declaring on Twitter that by using the hashtag #MayThe4th (it's a Star Wars thing) you're giving them permission to use that tweet pretty much however they like. They then clarified only replies to the original tweet using the hashtag belong to Disney, but still, the Mouse never gives up control. Ever.

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Another hot take about COVIDSafe that convinced me to install it on my Android phone

Sizzle subscriber Andrew Bednarz has a solid blog post about the ins and outs of COVIDSafe that's aimed at a semi-tech savvy audience, but not the tin-foil-hat privacy types that love to go off the deep end on hypothetical scenarios. I didn't know that it is up to the user to mark themselves as infected, which then triggers uploading data of who you've been around. Unless you mark yourself as infected no data leaves your phone. Andrew also notes that there's no third party tracking (i.e: Google, Facebook, etc) that many apps use to monitor user activity within the app. His summary is that COVIDSafe is fine with the only major issue being that it can't operate in the background on an iOS device, which make up about half of the Australian smartphone market, reducing the app's effectiveness. If you want more info about COVIDSafe, Troy Hunt and some other info sec nerds are giving a webinar Wednesday night.


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