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Elon Musk begging to be arrested for defying lockdown orders and re-opening Tesla factory

Tesla's given the middle finger to Alameda County and restarted production at their Fremont factory despite the county saying not to. Elon tweeted out "I will be on the line with everyone else. If anyone is arrested, I ask that it only be me". I personally can't wait to see Musk dragged out of the factory in handcuffs, screaming about democracy manifest and succulent Chinese meals - but Ford and GM have re-opened in Michigan, Telsa has a safety plan for workers (dunno if it's practical, but it's there) and the federal US government and Californian governor said manufacturing can resume, so I kinda get why Elon's so shitty that a relatively low level official in a local government is getting in Tesla’s way. Is it really a good idea for all these facilities to re-open? Probably not, but the gears of capitalism must continue and the COVID-19 filled blood of the worker will continue to oil the machine.

Federal government to spend $37m improving regional telco network resilience

It seems like a lifetime ago, but last summer's bushfires exposed a glaring hole in our telecommunication networks. People in burnt out areas had no internet access and no mobile phone access for a while, adding further insult to these people losing homes, businesses and even family members. Part of the federal government's bushfire response packaged announced this week is $37m to bulk up telco resiliency in regional areas. That cash will be used to ensure mobile phone towers funded under the government's blackspot program will need have at least 12 hours of backup power, purchasing additional cells on wheels (those trailers Telstra wheel out to act as temporary/overflow cell towers with satellite backhaul), over 2,000 NBN satellite services at evacuation centres and education programs about how to stay in touch during an emergency.

Civ6 DLC, 5G doesn’t transmit COVID-19, Thunderspy & NLA archiving COVID-19 digital material

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Waste away precious hours of your life browsing a map of the world’s infrastructure

Did you know that OpenStreetMap not only has roads and railways, but other types of infrastructure like electricity and telecommunications? It's often hidden from the main view, but Open Infrastructure Map is designed to show just the infrastructure, like locations of wind farms, power interconnects, transmission lines and more. I killed over three hours just browsing the east coast electricity assets. It's nice knowing where the massive power transmission lines I drive under often actually go (Portland to Traralgon!). I'd love to see all the submarine fibre optic cables added to this map. There's a couple on there (I can see Basslink) but none of the international ones from Sydney for example.


🎶 Israel's Son - Leather Lung

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